5 Reasons I Love Boxing for Exercise

I used to be a pretty hardcore home gym enthusiast. Okay. Maybe it was not the home gym I was so enthusiastic about. It was the idea of working out in public that I was decidedly unenthusiastic about. Alright. Terrified. All those people. In close proximity to me. Sweaty and aggressive and into sports. Yuck. So not my thing. ...more
tasteful I think it depends on the person and also the gym. Some gyms really encourage the ...more

Wrapping and packing

Last night, I started to clean out my Mom’s china closet. I am taking her china with us to the new house, and will basically use it as everyday dishes: I hate not to take and/or use them,as they are pretty dishes, and I was there when Daddy bought them for her. ...more

When You're In The Ring...

Cardio-kickboxing is the only workout I don't abhor. The classes are grueling, but I don't spend their entirety beseeching the clock to leap ahead, compromising the longevity of the universe....more

[Updates] History in the Making: Top 5 Women Olympic Boxers to Watch

(Editor's Note: For people who have never been a fan of women's boxing before, give it a watch at the London Olympics. You'll be impressed with what you see. Two USA women were in action Monday - Marlen Esparza and Claressa Shields, coming off first round byes and both won their matches. The tournament concludes on August 9th with the Gold Medal match. ~js) While big names like Pacqiao and Mayweather kept men’s boxing in the online conversation during 2009, women’s boxing finally got some press with the August 13th announcement from International Olympic Committee chair Jacques Rogge, telling the world that the 2012 London Olympics would be the first to feature women competing in every single sport, including the final holdout sport of boxing....more

Boxing Ring Card Girls: Is There An Alternative?

Ring Card Girls. Three small words. But stand by for big arguments when they’re mentioned in conversation between men and women. Adam Welsh is a British-based Human Resources Manager with a keen interest in many sports, including boxing. I recently spoke to him about ring card girls. Most guys, he readily agreed, have the hots for those high-heeled, scantily-clad women who strut their stuff at boxing shows, holding aloft a card showing the number of the next round. ...more
 @JChandler I think women's professional boxing is terrible. My boyfriend was watching a fight ...more

Savage Joy: Part 2 The Main Event

(Editor's Note: If you missed Lisa's earlier post - check out how she trained for her big fight in Part 1)...more

Savage Joy: Training Part 1

That's me in the gold and black, in one of the happiest moments of my fighting career to date. ...more

(I only just now realized you have Miss Piggy for your avatar. Love it!)more

Ex-boxer knocks out his nurse at retirement home

A retired boxer at a seniors living facility beat a nurse so badly she can’t return to a “normal working life,” officials for the nursing home in Austria said yesterday.According to reports, the former boxing pro–who suffers from a mental illness–heard an elevator bell go off and began punching the woman several times as she was trying to take him to his room....more

Women's Sports in The Olympics: Boxing In, Softball and Ski-Jumping Out

Do you ever feel like barring figure skating, gymnastics and maybe tennis women's sports are constantly fighting an uphill battle? Last week it was announced that women's boxing would be included in the 2012 Olympics. ...more

Really?  I don't care either way because I'm not into boxing.  And yet they left out baseball ...more