Paging Boy Scouts of America!...Please Report to the 21st Century!

So I was more than a little taken aback by the fact that yet another Boy Scouts of America Charter was revoked as reported CNN several days ago.  This time it was a church out of Seattle and (good for them!) they refused to fire their pack's gay scoutmaster.  This scoutmaster, by the way, was a 49-year-old decorated Eagle Scout ...more
Do you have a blog address or FB page or anything? I like this story and would love to see more ...more

My 1st Pinewood Derby Race!

Ok, so I didn't race.Bernardo is in Cub Scouts this year and it is a new experience for everyone. I only had a sister growing up and while we were both were in Girl Scouts, we certainly didn't do a lot of the things the Cub/Boy Scouts do. I knew that eventually Bernardo was going to do the Pinewood Derby. I was a little apprehensive because I am not very handy with tools. I can hang a picture and help with crafty types of projects, but not with using tools to form a shape out of a block of wood. ...more

My Struggle With the Boy Scouts of America's Ban on Gays (Updated)

Editor's update, May 23: The Boy Scouts of America voted today to end its ban on gay youth members. Gay adults are still not allowed to serve as scout leaders. BREAKING: Boy Scouts of America have voted to allow gay members - @petewilliamsnbc...more
@Bourbon Girl  @MicheleBodenheimer Well, one post at a time, I guess. It's time to get rid of ...more

Let’s Get Jen Tyrrell on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

(Crossposted from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents)My friend and blog team member Jen Tyrrell would be a perfect guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show....more

Welcoming a New Blogger to the Fold

Saturday, my blog celebrated seven years in the "Burghosphere" ... a significant milestone. When I look around Pittsburgh's blogosphere - I see only two political bloggers of longer duration and a handful of familiar faces from back in the day. And that's fine - its the nature of the beast (er, beat?) I've been struggling as how to keep the momentum going while my own energy and attention are drawn in so many directions. I noticed two key things.First, I just can't carve out enough time to devote to each issue. ...more

The Boy Scouts Dilemma: When You Love the Local Troop but Hate the BSA's Campaign Against Gays & Its Religious Discrimination

My son is at the age when many of his friends are joining the Cub Scouts. The local scout leader is a friend of ours, a terrific person, and a great dad. Many of the skills the Boy Scouts teach--using a compass, building fires, camping--are good, old-fashioned skills that we'd love our son to learn. But when you join the Cub Scouts, you are joining Boy Scouts of America, and supporting BSA with your dues. And therein lies the problem....more
I'm sad that there are no responses to your blog.  It's late, so I'll be brief: I was a Cub ...more

our ethical conundrum

as my regular readers know, fMhson came with an inborn ethical sense that would put most adults to shame.  He also LOVES being a Boy Scout.  You can see where this is headed right? conundrum .... ...more

Boy Scouts Expel Mom As Son's Den Leader -- Just Because She Is a Lesbian

The Boy Scouts of America has recently told Jennifer Tyrrell, a lesbian mom in Ohio, that because of her sexual orientation, she can no longer serve as the den leader of her son's local Cub Scout chapter. Although the parents of other boys in the den supported her, the local Boy Scout council revoked her membership....more
 @carolrood No. This organization went to the US Supreme Court to defend their right to exclude ...more

Just like that, a journey is over...

He's done.My oldest will never be a Cub Scout again.  He graduated last night, and received his Arrow of Light.  He'll be moving on to Boy Scouts now, his first meeting in a few days.  He's already signed up for camp this summer.He's growing up.The years we've put into Cub Scouts, the energy and time and effort and dedication are done....more

About ME!

I suppose my first post should be explaining who I am. I'm married for the second time and just celebrated my 15th anniversary.  My 'childhood' marriage only lasted a few years, but gave me some fun times, great military travel, and a beautiful daughter!  I'm 44 years old and the mother of three now:  BK, girl, is 23 years, JT, boy, 13 years, and KA, girl, 10 years. ...more