The Artist and the Art

At what point does the artist become so repugnant you cannot make yourself like his/her art anymore? I have some big ol’ hot-buttons on certain issues that will make me eschew an artist because the sight/sound of him/her makes my skin crawl with revulsion....more
hugh_dandrade BTW -- you were correct and deleted the comment about Morgan Freeman with relief ...more

Let Us Shine in Sochi

I grew up one among athletes, artists, dancers and performers.  Some of them were gay....more
@Chgo2LAMom Definitely agree.  The ideal situation would be to move the games, but I'm not sure ...more

So I'm a Slut?

Rush Limbaugh has said that the only reason for a woman to take birth control is because she's having so much sex that she must be a slut and a prostitute. I will be boycotting every company that sponsors Rush Limbaugh. Even if you have been a fan of his, surely we can all agree that this crosses the line. In response to criticism, Limbaugh doubled down....more

Transgender Response to Girl Scout Calling For Boycott

A few days ago, news started making the blog rounds that a 14-year-old Girl Scout named Taylor was calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies due to the Scout's support of "transgender promotion." BlogHer posted about the issue, although the video has since been made private. I made transcript of the original video out of the worry that it would be taken down....more
I loved this, and I really hope that girl gets the education she needs to understand trans* ...more

Who has eight legs, four brains, and is seriously angry?

Answer: Shrödinger and the Pussycats, that's who....more listens to outcry and pulls lewd e-book

Power to the moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles who spoke up and said very loudly "ENOUGH!" ...more

Are You Boycotting Target? Would You Give Up Your iPhone To Protest A Political Contribution?

On Sunday, I spent over $90 at Target buying some paper products, groceries, refill pads for my Swiffer Wetjet, and a package of Kong Air Dong mini tennis balls for my dog. Nothing I bought was exclusive to Target except for a bag of Archer Farms Key Lime Pie naturally flavored trail mix. I could have ended up with all the other items by stopping at Walgreens, Petco and Lunds grocery store. But, I didn't. ...more
 @sfmommynomics Anti-gay, at least in this case, is NOT the same as "pro-family". Emmer supports ...more

Tell Nestlé that formula doesn't PROTECT babies

I should add that my quote from my previous post, "The thing is, all of those protections and ...more

Much ado about Whole Foods: When health care and eco-foodie debates collide

Heard about the Whole Foods boycott? In case you missed it, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal against Obama's health care reform effort. Mackey argues health care -- and even food and shelter -- are commodities people shouldn't feel they have a right to: ...more

We do not shop much at Whole Foods due their higher prices and because of the travel time, ...more

Now that there's a boycott, I may have to go to McDonald's!

You can tell it is getting into the political silly season here in the states when groups come out against all sorts of absurd things, usually "for the children..." Because, who will think of the children, if not the likes of the American Family Association. ...more