Can I Be That Mom? Saying No to Chick-Fil-A and Boy Scouts

My children -- while they definitely won’t have the problem of having restricted cartoon viewing or lack of alcohol exposure may, despite my best efforts, still come out of childhood feeling slighted. It’s hard to explain to your eight-year-old why you won’t match her in wearing her Susan B. Komen regalia when she thinks it’s so cool. To your ten year old why you don’t want him to be a Scout. To either of them why chicken nuggets and waffle fries have to be passed over....more
 @April Byrd Don't be flippant. And please don't toss around the word "proclaimed" like we're ...more

The Bogus Arizona Tea Boycott: It's Not the Internet's Fault

Based on the twitterings of an enigmatic Twitter member, some folks think there's a real boycott of Arizona Iced Tea in the wake of the state of Arizona's ill-advised immigration law. Yes, some people are boycotting Arizona's baseball team and Arizona tourism, but what does that have to do with AriZona Tea? ...more

To me it was obvious it was a joke, even the first tweet from Travis. I don't know what the ...more