Bright Tanks and Bralettes.

It’s patio season, that’s for sure. Nothing like sitting outside and enjoying the early summer sunshine with your friends + a few beverages.Two requirements for patio attire: cute and comfy. You’re bound to be in an Instagram shot or two, so looking put-together is a plus. But you also are subject to the sun and humidity (KC, you muggy little metropolis, you), so comfort is key. Loose-fitting, breezy, check, check, check....more

Neon Boyfriends.

Happy May Day!On Tuesday, I debuted a cute little pair of boyfriend shorts. Wearing ‘em again in today’s post because a) they’re that good and b) I get a little obsessed. It’s fine; the cost-per-wear goes down and my Dad thinks I’m making “responsible fashion choices.”...more

Boyfriend Shorts + Cobalt.

I do this– I fixate on a color/trend and wear it constantly, over and over, trying to work it from every angle. Milk it for what it’s worth, if you will. If I’m spending the money on it, I want to be able to wear it multiple ways to stretch my dollar. (Insert commentary about rebounding from a national recession and phrases like “in this economy,” etc.)...more