Zoa Silk Tank.

I felt like wearing something a bit softer ...more

Summer Orange Sweater + New Boyfriends.

Welcome to June!...more

Birks, Baby.

The 90′s are back– or did they ever leave? All I know is the Backstreet Boys are still touring (love!) and you can now find Birkenstocks on every department store shelf....more

The Ultimate Destroyed Boyfriends + Baby Blues.

I found the perfect baggy + destroyed boyfriend jeans a few months ago and am just now working them into a post. But trust, I’ve been wearing them with almost everything. They’re the perfect combo of slouchy-fitted (they hug the hips and aren’t too roomy through the thigh, but have that boyfriend feel through the bum and calf)....more

Denim Junkie, Boyfriend Edition

Denim Junkie, Boyfriend Edition    Ok Girls, who else is tired of these Skinny Jeans?? After this winter and this damn Polar Vortex, the chances of me stuffing my ass into a pair of skinny jeans is slim to none! So bring on the Boyfriend Jeans!   ...more

Baubles and Boyfriend Jeans.

Sometimes it’s fun to wear a blank canvas (in this case, a simple white v-neck and cuffed boyfriend jeans) and let your accessories do the heavy lifting....more

In Defense of Jeggings

When I was a few months pregnant with my second kid, skinny jeans hit the fashion scene in a big way. And I -- fearing the unfamiliar, and getting rounder every day -- laughed and rolled my eyes, thinking, "HA! There's no WAY I will ever wear something as ridiculous as skinny jeans! Not for the next seven or so months, and not ever." And then I would shake my head. Smugly. I viewed the concept as ludicrous; a style that was bound to be unflattering, silly, and...sausage-casing-y. ...more

I held out against skinny jeans for a long time because of bad 80's memories. But I found a pair ...more