I can't even with this shit.

Oh, you guys...I can't even with this. I saw this earlier in the day and wrote a short blurb on FB, but the more I think about it, the angrier I get.  Is this mother really this clueless?  She says, “For me, I don’t believe for a second Adam did it."  She thinks his brothers did this to him?  The bastard admitted that he did it, and she's still protecting him....more

What I've Learned About Sex (and Love) from my Ex-Boyfriends (Part 3)

Well, this has been one major therapy session for me. Thank you for listening, and thank you for coming back for more.I promise this one will be happier than the rest.So last we left off with me starting a relationship with Rich. It was rocky. Both of us were coming out of damaged relationships, two damaged people looking for love and looking to heal....more

What I've Learned About Sex (and Love) from my Ex-Boyfriends (Part 2)

So, Part 2.Where were we, oh yes. Enter in Rich. My current boyfriend.We first met while I was 7 months away from my wedding day. He had started working in my building, and he immediately caught my eye. He was handsome, fit, always had a smile that could put any tension at ease. I was immediately smitten with him, but I was too shy to talk to him.The first conversation I had with him was a real deep-felt, heart to heart:So, tea time, eh?He said to me as I was filling up my coffee cup with some hot water. I just blushed and saidYeah....more

What I've Learned About Sex (and Love) from my ex-Boyfriends (Part 1)

What I've Learned About Sex (and Love) from My ex-BoyfriendsLet me give you a little history lesson about myself. I am going to be honest about my sex life, so if you don't want to read about it, please close this window.Now on to the juicy stuff.Before I met my current boyfriend, I had slept with 2 other guys: my high school sweetheart (who definitely wasn't a sweetheart) and my fiancée (now ex-fiancée) of almost 5 years....more


 I met Dizzy in the fall of 1966, my senior year of college, nine months after my starter marriage ended. Most evenings I found him at the pinball machine in the deli across from my apartment. If I dallied beside him, looking on, every so often he would reward me with a turn at the flippers....more


 Posted on http://kissingup.wordpress.com/ on November 1, 2011LOVE SCENE INVESTIGATION...more

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

Early this morning my friend Jeanne and I went antiquing.  We were hunting for Victorian era photographs of little girls for a project we’re working on and found over thirty lovely examples which captured the height of Victorian fashion and accessories:complicated clothing layers which included pinafores, long black wool or thick cotton stockings, white petticoats,...more
Every word is true - I swear! I have a big 'Chica Peeps' party going on this weekend and I'm ...more

Love and Friendship: What teen girls ask about.

@elaineR.N. I envy that you are so educated in a field that most of us would shy away from ...more

Segment 20: When a Third World Came West

Blog Directory We were packing things in the U-Haul that Sam had rented for $49.96 and he was setting everything out into a nice order onto the flatbed and I was hefting up the wooden fold-up chairs and drawers to the dresser, the bathroom blue trashcan, and his black duffle bag onto the lawn....more

Segment 17: When a Third World Came West

Blog Directory I left my linguistics class to go over to the Liberal Arts meeting which was up two flights of white painted wooden stairs, across campus, on the other side of the fountain in Lovett Hall....more