A Letter to My Son on Your First Birthday

My little bitty, I cannot believe that you are one. Your first year has gone by in the blink of an eye. You have been the perfect addition to our family…we were missing a piece until you made your debut and now, with you, our puzzle is complete. I feel so blessed to have been handpicked to be your mommy. Ever since the nurse called to tell us that you were a little boy growing in my belly, I started dreaming about who you will be....more

I'm not "this" mom....I'm "that" mom

Back to school.Back to routine.Back to seeing other moms.Back to reading everything from my mom friends on Facebook.I’m not the perfect mom.I’m not a super mom.I’m not able to be at the school all the time mom.I’m not a hyper-organized mom.I’m not a June Cleaver mom.I’m not a homework loving mom.I’m not a fundraiser loving mom.I’m not a good cook of a mom.I’m not a spotless housecleaning mom.I’m not “this” mom....more
My gosh, we sound so similar in our momming personalities. I'm that mom that avoids the PTA ...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Boys Are...

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Boys Are... One of the biggest blessings in my life is becoming a mom to E. I never thought I'd be a good boy mom (I've shared that before) but I love it more than anything in the world....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Mommyhood Isn't Glamorous II

I love when I find a blog post that relates so well to my life that I could have written it myself. This is that article:http://faithandcomposition.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/when-mothering-is-hard-and-no-one-sees/ ...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: What Boys Need from their Moms

If you haven't read this article: http://familydiary.co.za/whats-on-in-family-diary/for-the-mums-and-dads/235--17-things-boys-need-from-their-moms.html you should read it....more