I Write Love Letters and Save Them

I write love letters to my sons. I save them after they’ve read them, in the back of their sock drawers. They resurface when it’s time to do laundry and get buried again when we put the clothes away....more

Imaginext Toys, or how my gender disqualifies me from having a complex imagination

They have added some female super heroes but very few. Still disappointed.more

5 things they don't tell you about having a boy

1. Your toilet will always and forever carry the faint whiff of wee. Clean it all you like. Buy as many freshener blocks as you can. You will never quite reach that one crevice where your little man has managed to deposit the tiniest droplets of wee. Because that's all it takes. 2. You will spend a small fortune on shoes and school trousers. Thank heavens for supermarkets selling school trouser for £4. ...more

My Little Safety Expert

This is #5, also known as the bonus baby. #5 turned seven this year, and on his birthday money was too tight. I really wanted to buy him a new bike but I couldn’t. It broke my heart, so I told him that when I started my new job and we had more money things would be better. He would get his bike before Christmas.This week, on Thursday, the Mister bought bikes for #s 4&5 and surprised them after school. I wish I could have been home to see their faces...well, at least #5's face. The report on #4 said that she was disappointed because it was too "girly" looking.For #5 this meant freedom. The kind of freedom that gives me nightmares that keep me up at night. For me it’s a two edged sword."...more

Mile In Mine Blog

Mile In Mine is a Blog about LIFE from the perspective of a young married ARTIST with two spirited boys and a fierce ambition to move to Australia in 2010 to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing. Follow Deena as she shares her memories and daily musings in both first and third person, writes short book & movie reviews, and posts videos and pictures from the world of music, travel, and art around her. Come...walk a Mile In Mine. http://mileinmine.blogspot.com ...more

Get That Woman a Sticker: my vaccine decision journey

I did something I never thought I’d do, especially after all the letters I’d written, the calls I made, the interviews I had, not to mention shoving my post-partum body in a pre-pregnancy suit, strapping my three-month old baby to my chest and hoisting a stroller down the steps of the state Capitol, to testify against this vaccine mandate in front of the Senate Health Committee. ...more

Cat's in the Cradle

Remember when your mom used to get that look in her eye like a fortune teller with a chip on her shoulder and say, “One of these days, you’re going to have a kid JUST LIKE YOU!”?  I believed she could make it happen because my mom...[Read More...] ...more

Top 10 Ways to Create an Independent Son

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs you'll ever have. While raising competent, responsible individuals capable of making sound decisions is every parents goal, creating a balance of nurture with freedom can be a difficult balance for a parent to achieve. In my opinion, being a good parent means providing a consistent framework of guidance and nurture while letting go of a little control so your child can confidently learn how to make good choices independently. Someone once told me, a good parent teaches independence and can let go. It's ...more

"Do you Use your Nipples as Telescopic Interstellar Radio Transmitters?" and other fun camp songs to pass on to your kids!

After a week of empty nest bliss, Skye and I picked up our waterlogged, mosquito bitten boys at Camp Rustic. In the closing ceremony, the camp director referred to the non-stop rain as “liquid sunshine”. Judging by the sectioned off puddles in the parking area, there was abundant sunshine. [Read More] http://www.amymusings.com/2009/08/10/do-you-use-your-nipples-as-telescopic-interstellar-radio-transmitters/  ...more