You Have Girl Hair

My son had a play date recently.  They are great friends and were having a good time.  I was catching up on some email when I overheard this utterance from my son's friend:  "You have girl hair."  It wasn't said in an overly teasing way.  It didn't seem mean.  But he felt a need to say it....a couple times.  ...more

Summer Parenting Decision: Do You Let Your Boys Get Buzz Cuts?

For many years, I wouldn’t let my boys buzz their hair -- I thought it was too harsh and military-looking for young kids. Then I went to visiting day at camp one year and both my boys had buzz cuts…and to my surprise I actually loved it! The camp had a barber come before visiting day to get the kids’ hair cleaned up for their parents, and my boys seized the opportunity to buzz it (without mom’s approval)....more
I ALWAYS shave my boys heads and my daughter gets a #1 buzz cut. They all love it!more

4 Great Hairstyles for Boys Hair

As a mother of two boys myself, I know sometimes styling boys hair is simply getting them to brush it! For boys who have little concern with hairstyles, or whose busy schedules make time spent on hair obsolete, it is important to choose a haircut that requires little maintenance. Here are the top trends in boys’ hairstyles:1. The Basic Buzz...more