The Gulf Oil Spill, One Year Later: Gendered Layers of Impact

By Jacqui Patterson, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine The Deepwater Horizon Oil Drilling Disaster of April 20, 2010 (the “BP Oil Spill”) is, as the news sometimes tells us, causing grave damage to the waterways and shores, marshlands and bayous of the Gulf of Mexico. Far more hidden is the devastation wrought on the women in scores of coastal communities....more

NAACP Convention Dominated by Resolution Demanding Tea Partiers Denounce Racism

The 101st annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is meeting in Kansas City, Missouri this week, and the big headlines are going to a delegate resolution calling on leaders of  the Tea Party movement to repudiate racism in the "signs and speeches" of some of its supporters. Although the resolution does not call the movement racist, that's the focus of much of the commentary. The resulting controversy has given NAACP president Benjamin Jealous the best platform he has had to date to draw attention to the organization's civil rights agenda.  It has also renewed charges that the NAACP is a race-baiting organization pandering to Democratic political allies. ...more

to find tea party members denouncing racism attacks if you just look. Found this one in about 2 ...more

Please Don't Be Offended: This Is How We Get Through Disasters in the South

I never suggested it is easy to be a Gulf Coast resident. And I never said that we forget after we forgive. This is an incredibly complicated time for all of us, emotionally and financially. This oil spill is dredging up emotional memories that many of us were unprepared to address.  BP has effectively changed our futures, the way we will parent our children, the lives we expected to live. ...more

Love! I ooey-gooey, sticky-faced, candy-in-the-morning-before-breakfast love this post, Megan. ...more

Citizens Who Have Lost Faith in Government Find Solutions for the Oil Spill in Social Networks

 Nothing says more about citizens' loss of faith in government than a website in Santa Rosa, CA called StoptheGusher, where ordinary cititzens have gathered to share ideas, offer suggestions, and rack their brains about what to do about the Gulf Oil Spill. ...more

Well, We’ve Gone & Done It Now

Since I made my declaration that SusieLand was a happy place and put a moratorium on paying attention to most of the news, I was happy to hear about the BP Disaster only peripherally. That all changed when my brother Kurt sent me this link. Now I am depressed. Watch it here…...more

Allegations of BP's Turtle Burning Add Fuel to the Fire

Recent reports that BP is burning oil-soaked sea turtles alive in its ham-handed efforts to control the Gulf spill have added fuel to the fire of outrage against the petroleum giant. And now, two animal conservation groups say they will sue BP and the U.S. Coast Guard to stop the deadly "controlled burns" aimed at removing surface oil. ...more

I know what you mean, the whole thing gives me anger fatigue and all the yoga in the world ...more