Angelina Jolie's Moving Essay About Removing Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes

I didn't think I would cry reading Angelina Jolie's essay in the New York Times about the surgery she recently had to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. But the tears started coming mid-essay. ...more
I'm not a big movie watcher or a fan of her movies but you know what? Anything she does for ...more

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Wine Is for Sale!

Grab  a bottle or two of Miraval Cote de Provence Rose 2013 from Brangelina’s vineyard. -PJ Gach...more

World War Z: Read it or Watch it (or both)?

It is not that often that I watch a movie and then read the book, (The Hunger Games Trilogy was another read inspired by the movie) however I enjoyed the Zombie Flick so much, reading the book seemed like the next logical move....more

12 Years A Slave Should Be On Everybody's Must-See List

By Ms. Meltingpot: Lori L. TharpsThis past weekend I went to see 12 Years A Slave with my cousin. It wasn't a film I was excited to see, it was more of a compulsion. When Hollywood takes on the Black experience, I feel it is my duty to support the effort. I also was intrigued by the very true story of a free Black man tricked and kidnapped into slavery who manages to survive 12 years of inhuman bondage and still return home to his family....more
I was all for reparations after seeing the movie. It is important to remember that slavery has ...more

Brad Pitt, Comedian

Like many actors, Brad Pitt wants to mix it up in the roles he selects. Blessed and cursed with All-American good looks, Pitt has both utilized (Thelma & Louise, Troy) as well as tried to mess with (Snatch.) or underplay (Twelve Monkeys) his handsome visage and physique in roles through the years....more

Brad Pitt, Don't Act Like You Don't Know Me

Brad Pitt says he has developed facial blindness, where after meeting and engaging with someone, that person's face disappears from his memory as soon as they walk away. If they ever come in contact again, to him, it's like meeting an entirely new person....more

Preventative Mastectomy: Angelina Jolie's Very Public Choice

Faced with an 87-percent chance of getting breast cancer due to carrying the BRCA1 gene, Angelina Jolie chose to undergo a double mastectomy, she revealed in an op-ed published yesterday in the New York Times. ...more
@KarenLynnn  @Sweetbread6 FDA guidelines for celebrity or consumer endorsement, state that a ...more

Ode to my OB/GYN Physician

Ah, yes, the annual “well woman” exam with the OB/GYN.  Not many women look forward to this day but, honestly, I don’t mind the opportunity to check in with the man who successfully delivered three of my children and has monitored my reproductive health for more than twenty years....more

Brad Pitt's Chanel Ad Has Me Thinking The End Might Actually Be Near

Hello All! I've got a new article out in The Hartford Courant on Brad Pitt's new Chanel ad. Could it mean the end of days? Seems strange enough to me! Here's the link:,0,962931.column Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Tomkat and Franngelina

I know everyone's heads are still reeling from the demise of TomKat. But I'm here to reassure you that Franngelina is still going strong.(Here is a post I wrote on my old blog that defines for you who "Franngelina" is exactly).... Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = Brangelina.Right? And Fred + Anne = Fran.Wanna play six degrees of separation? Yawn. Anne to my sister, actress Mary Birdsong: 1 degree. Mary to George Clooney (in a movie together): 2 degrees. George to bff Brad: 3 degrees.Done....more