My Labor, His Day

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

As my due date fast approaches I’m scrambling to find time to relax and do lots of prenatal yoga. Not only that but I’m also reading up and preparing myself mentally for a natural, un-medicated birth. I’ve found that my Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth class has provided my husband and I information that is absolutely indispensible and a lot more informative than anything I’ve read about in the pile of books now collecting dust on my nightstand....more

Penelope's Natural Birth Story

Before I tell my birth story, I have to say that about halfway through my pregnancy, I became committed to a natural childbirth. It's something that I researched a lot and felt passionately about by the time I finally made the decision. When I told people that I was planning a natural birth, I got a lot of negative reactions. I can't really blame them because I would have reacted the same way before I started researching. I think a lot of people don't really understand natural birth because it's so rare in our culture....more

Preparing for a Wedding vs. Preparing to Give Birth: How Much Time Do You Invest?

I read a tweet this week by Kristen (@OmahaBabyLady) that made me take pause. She said, "Why will people plan for a year for their wedding but 12 weeks of childbirth classes is too long? WTF?" I'd never thought of it in that way before, but it resonated with me. Many people spend a year or longer planning and preparing for their wedding, but how much time do they spend preparing for the life-changing and life-giving event of giving birth to their child? ...more

Raising kids is a lot like weeding the rose bed, well worth it, ...more

Birth plan? Doula? Natural birth? Not here you don't.

A sign posted at the Aspen OB/GYN Women's Center in Provo, Utah has many women up in arms. What's so offensive? Read for yourself. The sign reads as follows: ...more

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