RIP, Ann B. Davis: What Alice on 'The Brady Bunch' Taught Me About Parenting

I swear I could faintly hear the collective "aw" of humanity as I checked my Facebook news feed and learned that Ann B. Davis, better known as Alice from The Brady Bunch, had died at 88. ...more
Wonderful words.  I will have to get the Brady Bunch box set when I have my first child! ;)more

Gilligan's Island

How is it that my 10 yeard old daughter has never even heard of Gilligan and his Island? We were at the Brewers game last night and the theme to Gilligan’s Island came on …. and she didn’t know what it was, or what Gilligan’s Island was even about. She also had never heard of The Brady Bunch. Seriously??? Aren’t these episodes on some cable channel on an endless loop like they were when I was a kid? E(xcept, of course, we didn’t have cable when I was a kid, it was just always on.) ...more

Yet Full House is on 24/7 it seems. LOL!

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