My child is really special (to me)

My son is building a pirate ship behind me right now. Along with the construction work to create the perfect pirate vessel, he is telling me about the various adventures we are going to have once on board. There will be buried treasure, sword fighting and a daring rescue of trapped monkeys. Listening to the way his mind works is a privilege for me. In short, my son is one of the most amazing people I've ever met....more


The rains almost came, the sky heavy with dark clouds.  But they receded as the sun competed for attention....more

Facebook Status Regret

I should have known it was a bad idea to brag on Facebook. It must have been one of my rare moments of self-confidence. They come and go so quickly, it is surprising that I managed to create a "look-at-me" type of personal status on facebook for all the world to see, before the feeling passed. But I did......more

NOW There are Pictures and Words In Grandmother's Brag Book!!!!

  The Joy of Mothering ...more
@tennismama Sometimes, like right now, I get teary eyed, because, even though we went through ...more

"Oh, and Here's Another One of Jimmy Feeding the Ducks."

    So, I have three children for whom I would throw myself into a pit of psychotic clowns with machetes if necessary. I am also well aware that not everyone shares this devotion to them. I suspect that even my family, including my favorite adult people in the entire world, can only take them in small doses. I try not to brag about them, but instead share funny and/or embarrassing things they do or say....more

Bragging rights

My son made me so proud tonight. Without much warning, I told him in one sentence that my friend was coming over tonight. Her name is the same as his grandma, but I didn't think about it until he squealed, "OHHH! Like Grandma! Like MY Grandma!" I laughed, loving his awe at someone else having the same name as GRANDMA! Another new thing in the world being learned by K. - "More than one person can have that one name!" The other day, he played with the needles on the bush outside our building because they were there, they were different, green and he was interested in them....more

First Post - Welcome to Lovey's house

I think this might just be "Lovey's House".  This is me being a proud mama and grandma. And just so you know where the name comes from, I'm "Lovey" to my grandchildren.  ...more