Holiday Hair Tutorial: How to Create The Infinity Braided Updo

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All That Hair

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite:

Introducing Miss Taleya

This is the story of my little girl Taleya and her "Pitty" hair.  We are going to make it our goal to do her hair a different way every day for the whole school year:)  ...more

A Pleasant Twist

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Girls’ Braids for Recess-Proof Hair

Braids are the solution for tangled tresses! Having long hair can make a little girl feel like a princess, but managing it is no fairytale! Parents who bring their girls into the salon often complain to me about the tangles their long hair acquires after a long day of school....more

Act hot for a crush and not this heat

 Lately I've been walking up and down our hallways at school thinking up different ways to beat the heat (it was 90 degrees yesterday in Ms....more

Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair? Book Review

What is “Dad Hair”?  According to Craig Lawrey it’s, “A style in which hair is arranged so that it is obvious that an unskilled stylist (namely the male paternal figure) is responsible.”  It’s a disaster. A tragedy.  In other words, the poor kid has…dad hair!...more