Why women tend to have a stronger sense of smell than men

If you're like many women, being pregnant also meant developing an off-the-charts sense of smell. Perhaps it's an evolutionary thing--it keeps the mother from ingesting anything that may harm the baby.But regardless of pregnancy, a new study says that women likely have a finder sense of smell than men due to more brain cells in the olfactory bulb.For the study, researchers looked at the brains of18 people post-mortem. All were healthy and over 55 when they died. There were 7 men and 11 women. They found that the women's brains had up to 50% more olfactory neurons....more

Hitchcock film reveals consciousness in patient who has been comatose for 16 years

Leave it to Alfred Hitchcock to be able to keep a comatose patient interested! In this very cool research study, neuroscientists from Western University in Canada used fMRIs to monitor the brain activity of both conscious and unconscious participants while they watched a particular Alfred Hitchcock movie. Their goal was to show that the number of misdiagnosed unconscious patients may be higher than thought - with many conscious without our awareness....more

Social Media Makes Me More Creative and Less Productive

I'll admit it; the more I use social media the less productive I seem to get.  At the same time, the more I use social media, the deeper I think, the more creative I get, and the more connected I feel.  So... sort of a catch-22.  Social media both detracts and enhances my life. I work from home, on a computer, so it is too easy to keep checking email, glancing at Facebook, and peeking at my Twitter stream.  I used to spend those moments when I was trying to figure out a plot line in a book lying quietly on the sofa, thinking.  Now I am much more likely to skim some status updates while I try to work out the literary situation in my mind. ...more
This is very interesting, thank you for sharing it with us.  I agree, social media can stimulate ...more

How Social Media Can Have A Weird Effect On Your Brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Nowadays, almost everybody is on internet and especially on social media. But did you ever think about the fact that using those social media platforms can influence the way your brain is wired? Nowadays, people are walking around with their heads glued to their smartphone screen and they communicate with their friends through Facebook or Twitter. That's why it's not really surprising that we question ourselves about this....more

Fish is good for the brain - regardless of omega-3 fatty acid amounts

You know eating fish is good for you because of the omega-3 fatty acids, (It only counts if the fish is baked or broiled. Frying it destroys the fatty acids.), but a new study found that just eating the baked or broiled fish is good for your brain--regardless of the amount of omega-3 fatty acids!The study found that weekly fish eaters had more gray area in the regions of the brain related to memory and cognition. But the researchers did NOT find a link between the brain differences and the omega-3 levels in the blood, which surprised them....more

Right now, the Internet is rewiring your brain

As you read this, your brain is be rewired. Yes, no matter how old you are, your brain is "plastic." It's capable fo changing based on our experiences and behavior (both good and bad).The bad:1. Social media sites like Facebook can make you jealous, depressed and (ironically), lonely. German scientists even have a name for the phenomenon: "Facebook depression." Surely you've experienced it in some form when you see your friend's trip to Italy, your sister's new baby or your cousin's promotion to head astronaut....more

How well do you know your brain?

http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/24/health/improve-memory-brain/I ran across this article on how to get your brain in shape and thought I'd post some of the highlights, many of which are just interesting facts:1. There are 86 billion active neurons in your brain2. Your brain uses 20% of your energy3. Gray matter (which carries out thinking) uses most of this energy4. White matter (which relays signals and coordinates the brain regions) is pretty energy-efficient5. Neurons rewire themselves based on your genes and experiences...more

Stimulate Your Brain

A recent British study revealed that people who drank three cups of water with breakfast in the morning scored better on tests that measured reaction time than did the test takers who skipped drinking water.  The researchers aren't quite sure how hydration affects the brain, and think it may be simply that thirst distracts a person, which makes it difficult to focus....more

Coconut oil for your brain?

I've been hearing a lot about coconut oil lately; it supposedly does everything from weight loss to tooth whitening. But this article on Mercola introduced me to a new claim: improving your brain.http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/05/17/good-brain...I'm not saying whether or not it's true; I don't know. But the explanation is interesting....more

And the state with the healthiest brains is ...

America's Brain Health Index ranks states on a 21 factors. These include nutrition, mental health and social well-being. For 2014, Maryland came in at the top of the list. Why? They eat a lot of fish, have fewer smokers and have lower rates of Alzheimer's deaths. Interestingly enough, Maryland does NOT have high levels of religious or spiritual activities, which are factored in. So how did the other states fare?Washington was #2 and Colorado was #3. The 10 worst?Mississippi was worst. Then Alabama followed by North Dakota....more