3 Puzzles and Brain Teasers that Make your Brain Smarter

Performing mundane tasks on a daily basis makes our brain lose its creative edge. To make it think smartly and act on the spot we need to keep making it work. Like some people solve the crossword, you can try out puzzles and brain teasers. It can help you make yourself sharper and more confident in tasks that require more focus. Puzzles and brain teasers require logical and analytical thinking, thus the ability of your brain to work and find solutions is enhanced. Solving cool puzzles online also is an excellent way to utilize your time....more

5 Ways to Stay Mentally Fit After 50

Dr. Seuss once said, "I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells." I couldn't agree more! Any one of his stories automatically makes you sit a little straighter and smile a little wider. Nonsense is like putting your brain on healthy steroids. So, what if you are over 50 and not yet reading Dr. Seuss to your grands? Here are a few ideas to keep the brain cells active.1. Exercise...more
I agree Kim I am glad I got to read your post and the bonus I do Meditate and pray daily, it is ...more

Five questions to make your brain grow.

In the Thirties, two self-styled intelligence experts set out to discover clever people by publishing a book posing devilishly difficult brain-teasers for members of the general public. ...more


I have one of those over active brains. The type of brain that operates at a million seconds per hour and can turn something simple into something outrageously complicated. I've questioned whether it's a good or bad thing. Im easily distracted, I over analyse situations, I speak and act sometimes without thinking. However what if maybe it's actually a gift. I'm outgoing, spontaneous, deep and meaningful. ...more

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