No One Ever Expects a Child to get Cancer and Why That Must Change

The commercials air every holiday season.   They’ve featured an adorable little boy trying to make a lunch date with Jennifer Aniston, a giggling mischievous cherub teasing Robin Williams, and another hanging out with Olympic champion snowboarder Shaun White.   These kids are cancer patients and their celebrity pals implore viewers to make donations to St. Jude’s Hospital....more
Thank you so much for sharing this important, harrowing story. I'm going to share it.more

Special Needs, Anxiety, and Socialization

Ever since my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2000 I have made it my mission to make her as happy and comfortable as I possibly can.In my mind's eye, I've always imagined that she must feel lonely, isolated, and depressed because her illness and the disabilities it left her with have been so confining....more

It's Going To Be Okay

"Why are you sad?" SI asked me over dinner. I heaved a sigh and pushed my chili mac around my plate."Adri and Zoe's grandma got sick," I said, "and some kinds of sick don't always get better."...more


im·po·si·tion n....more

Mission Accomplished

There's a beautiful feeling you get when your are surrounded by family and friends. Its an indescribable feeling of warmth and comfort. This was the feeling I had hope my mother would get during the the party tonight. To look around and see nothing but laughter and smiles from everyone in the room was proof that this party was the right thing to do. My mother and father were surrounded by so much love and support. They were in pure bliss....more

Home Alone

Just what I didnt want to happen, has happened. Its amazing the thoughts that can go through your mind when you are left bored and alone. It happened. She was left home alone with her thoughts and thought It'd be a good idea to research her disease. She has every right to know whats going on in her body, after all, it is HER body! I knew the minute something was wrong. The sound of her voice on the phone was too calm, like her mind was elsewhere. In fact, it was. It was racing with thoughts of sickness, time, family and death. ...more

Kickoff To Chemo

Who ever thought that just 1 day can change your life forever? Since the surgery, there has been a tremendous outpouring of love and support from people you never knew cared so much. There's been casseroles, cards, gifts and so much more. Neighbors who you once just waived hello to in passing have come over and spent time talking, extending words of encouragement and showing their support. The warm feeling I get knowing my mom is so loved overwhelms me with emotion. I don't know how I will ever thank them all. It sounds so cliche but the saying holds true....more

The beginning... Not Just A Headache.

In 2010, My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. I needed a way to get my feelings out  so I decided blogging would be the best way. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings in the hopes that someone out there understood what I was going through. Its been nearly 3 years since I stopped blogging about it and my mother has since had a recurrence. This, is where it all began. ...more