Build, Program and Control at The Robotics Lab

Which can be the best place in town to enhance the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills of 9-14 year olds? It is probably ‘The Robotics Lab’ that builds their brain, teaches teamwork to them, improves their creativity and imagination as well as raises their self-esteem. This lab came into existence when parents were looking for ways to nurture the young minds starting at an early age.What is in Store?...more

My Monumental 2013

2013 was a monumental year for me and I think Dan would say the same. FAITH has made this past year what it was. Our daughter has literally grown and matured a great great deal in the last 6 months but the last 3 has made the biggest difference in her life. Her 2nd grade year was horrible. She stayed in trouble for being bored and day dreaming. Her teacher hated her. I'm not exagerating, she called and e-mailed me daily....more

BabyBerryApps bonds babies, birth and BlackBerry

BabyBerryApps bonds babies, birth and BlackBerry ...more

Pregnancy: Fun, facts and cord blood

General Information and links for parents to-be about pregnancy,labor and delivery. Also accurate and comprehensive information about cord blood banking, comparison price lists, testimonials and cord blood resources....more

The Brain and the First Years of Life

Lisa Frederiksen One of the key messages I share in a number of my talks is the role early childhood trauma plays as one of the risk factors for developing the disease of alcoholism and/or an ongoing problem with alcohol abuse. And here is why....more

Gender Differences: Socially Conditioned and Reinforced through the Media

Sharon Begley is my hero. Begley is a senior editor and science writer at Newsweek magazine. In column after column, she debunks junk evolutionary psychology "science" and other theories that insist that gender differences are 100% hard wired. Back in June 2009, Begley wrote "Why Do We Rape, Kill and Sleep Around?," which thoroughly trashed an evolutionary psychology theory that it is in human (male) genes to rape because 100,000 years ago: ...more
Glosswitch BBCr4today apparently not. They are now hailing this as the first time such data has ...more