Brain Food: 5 Best Foods for Your Mental Health

Researchers and scientists have only recently started examining a possible connection between mental health and diet. While it’s unclear whether eating unhealthy foods leads to mental illness, or mental illness leads to eating unhealthy foods, there’s no doubt that cleaning up your diet can clear up your mind as well.1. Green Food...more

Brain Food: Spring Clean Your Diet

I’m wrapping up National Nutrition Month (March) with a brain food post that is several years in the making.  My relationship with food and health shifted dramatically following my mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis....more

Recipes to Boost Brain (Including California Garlic), Breakfast With Jake & Reese

I had breakfast next to Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon yesterday. True, this has absolutely nothing to do with garlic or my post, but I can't stop thinking about it and thought it was a good attention grabber. Okay - it's out of my system. We can proceed. However, for all of you wondering, they are both as good looking - if not more so - than they appear on the big screen. Where was I? Oh, yes...back to California heirloom garlic. ...more

Today’s Lunch: Some Ideas for Easy Healthy Nutrient Boosts

Today's lunch menu was packed with all sorts of immune-boosting super foods. In a moment of slightly OCD compulsion, I've decided to give it an analysis with ideas for boosting your nutrient intake while saving time. Included are links to health-based information, and some recipes to boot! Take a peek into what we're eating! read more... ...more