5 Things This Special Needs Mom Will Never Say

 This illness has been a blessing in disguise - It is my opinion that no parent should ever say this about their child’s illness, at least not in their child’s presence anyway.There are absolutely no blessing in my daughter, Bethany, having had a brain tumor nor are there any blessings in the disabilities she has acquired from complications during the surgery required to remove it....more

Surgery, Depression & How I am Coping

12 Weeks ago today, I had surgery to remove a Brain tumor. I never realized how much this would eventually affect my mental health. Surgery can be traumatic, but this type of surgery has really affected me in ways I never expected. I have had a hard time with my Mental health since that faithful day. Now, having brain surgery itself is a traumatic event. As you can see, the scars, the hair loss from treatments, all can contribute to mental health and depression....more
You have to know just how much of an inspiration you have become to myself and so many others!! ...more

Help 8 Year Old Arden Fight Her Brain Tumor

We all fall in love with our children. They become, from the minute they’re born, the thing that is always with us, the little (then big) souls that we nurture, care for, teach, tend to, and most of all adore with all our hearts. Our lives, no matter what they were before, are different after they’re born. For most of us, other than the usual cuts and bruises, occasional broken bone or scarily high fever, our children remain healthy and their childhoods are free of terrible pain, fear and worry....more
 @HomeRearedChef Thank you for your good wishes. more

*Because I have a child with special needs, I am a mama with special needs. *

During 2008, my otherwise healthy 4-year-old daughter developed epilepsy. At the time, we had four children, and were expecting our fifth. Life was chaotic, but mostly manageable, before seizures invaded. When Aggie became sick, I found myself completely flattened by the needs around me. I went from the need-meeter, to the one who needed- grace, support, and help of all kinds. I like to be the need-meeter; not the one that NEEDS!...more

Heartbreak and Hope: When Your Family is Fighting Childhood Cancer

The heartbreak of childhood cancer is very real, but so is the hope. Especially when you hear stories like that of Denise Rager. The California mother of two sons, the eldest with epilepsy, began to feel concerned about her younger son Matthew's health. It turned out her mother's intuition was right and before she knew it, her family was in a fight to save Matthew's life....more

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of hope. The Rager family is absolutely amazing and ...more

When love can be too much

Maybe I've had this grief thing all wrong.   Maybe the Daughter of Cancer blogger had it right all along. All her crying, whining, wallowing, and carrying-on; maybe that's it. Maybe that's how to deal with grief. The alternative seems to be killing me, or at least that's how it feels today. While waiting at the bus stop Thursday on my way to work, my neck & left shoulder spasmed severely, to the point where I felt my head jerk.   ...more

hi Talia,

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your perspective. It takes a lot of courage ...more

Stanley Cup for Cancer: Family Update


I am Jennifer, a...

…mother, wife, daughter, family chef, laundry goddess, chauffeur, gardener, domestic goddess, survivor, advocate and patient.   Until I had a brain tumor, I had never considered the meaning behind these labels, if they fit and why people used them.  ...more

Reality Bites

So, if you have read my previous blogs, you know that I have a brain tumor that causes the condition known as Acromegaly, and that I will be having brain surgery to remove it within two weeks. I am engaged, to the most amazing man, who has an amazing family as well. We met almost 4 years ago, have been dating for three, and engaged for two. He is no doubt the love of my life, and we mean the world to eachother. We originally started to plan a medium/largish kind of classic wedding, the kind that pretty much every woman dreams of. ...more

This type of wedding and reception brunch sounds grand!  I love the idea. I love dmy wedding ...more

Brain Surgery

Today my Neurosurgeon's (Dr. Rosenblum) office phoned me to tell me that they had finally gotten me an appointment to see the former Chief of Neurourgery at Mt. Sinai, Dr. Post, on Tuesday, the 28th, as in next week. Well this is good news mostly. If you read my previoud post you will know I suffer from Acromegaly due to a pituitary macroadenoma (Brain Tumor), and that I need to have surgery to remove it, and then radiation to further treat it. Well, my mother lives in Colorado, so she decided to call Dr. ...more