Protecting Your Brain's Health

How you think and feel is directly affected by what you eat, the supplements you take and the type of lifestyle you choose to live. This may seem like a strange concept, but eating the right foods and taking the proper supplements has been proven to boost your IQ, improve your memory, help you focus, improve mood and emotional stability, sharpen your mental acuity and keep your mind young. ...more

Can these 6 foods make you smarter?

I ran across this article in The Telegraph (UK) called "Brain food: 6 snacks that are good for the mind" (with a subtitle "What can you eat to make you smarter?") I agree with the 6 foods they listed, I have three issues:1. I'm not sure I'd consider salmon to be a snack. (Well, maybe some smoked salmon on a cracker or something.)...more

Your ability to balance on one leg reflects your brain health

Can you balance on one leg for 20 seconds? Researchers now believe that your answer is a reflection of your brain health.In a study of 841 women and 546 men with an average age of 67 had them stand on one leg with both eyes open--twice. Their best score was recorded. After, their brains were examimed using MRIs to check for cerebral small vessel disease damage. The researchers also used questionnaires to measure cognitive impairment.So who had trouble balancing on one leg?34.5% of those who had more than two lacunar infarction lesions...more

Beyond walnuts and green tea: Other foods that are good for your brain

When it comes to food that's good for your brain, there are some well-known ones: salmon, walnuts, blueberries and red wine. But I ran across this article today and found a couple I wasn't that familiar with: Grains: The brain can't store carbs so it relies on a constant supply from the blood stream. Carbs like grains are low on the glycemic index so they're ideal because they create a sustained stream of energy to the brain....more

How too much Facebook is harming your brain

Most of know that Facebook can have some mental health down sides ("Why is her life more perfect than mine??!") but it--and other forms of social media or Web browsing-- has also got some brain health down sides.First you need to know that your brain needs "housekeeping" time and if you never relax (or sleep) it can't prune the unnecessary information that's clogging things up. Your brain needs a break from information once in a while....more

Meditation and memory

The other day I wrote an educational article about meditation, memory and the young developing mind, which got me thinking about meditation in general. I totally admit to not buying into the whole "pondering" thing, but have never tried meditating myself. I just don't really have the time to sit in a quiet corner to chant and ring a bell for a couple of hours.Yes, as you can see, I'm totally uneducated....more

Multi-Tasking May Not Be So Productive

We sometimes take pride in being super multi-taskers; however, research is showing us that we are actually losing our productivity and the quality of our brain activity....more

Welcome Our Newest Contributing Writer

We are pleased to announce Suzanne Holman is joining Boomer Voices as a contributing writer. Suzanne is a consultant, writer, and speaker sharing information on brain optimization. ...more

How To Fix Your Angry Brain

By Gina Simmons, Ph.D. "What's wrong with my brain?" Michael asked. A high level manager with a great career, Michael feared his anger outbursts at work might cost him his job. "Why can't I just put up with crap and not react?" he wondered. Michael learned what happened to his brain and body when he became angry. When we get mad the brain responds in a lop-sided way, with the left front of the brain more active than the right side of the brain. Other changes include increased heart rate and physical tension....more