5 Minutes to a Supercharged Brainstorm

When a runner gets ready for a race, he doesn’t just stroll up to the start line and go. No. He stretches, he jogs a few laps, he gets limber. You can do the mental equivalent for brainstorming–a mental warm-up. By spending just a few minutes getting your brain charged up, you can boost your brainstorming results. Here are my three favorite ways to warm up for a brainstorm, in five minutes or less. ...more
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Simple Process to Generate Ideas, Cultivate Creativity, and Achieve Your Goals

The key to a successful life is to keep moving forward. When you face a challenge, but are unsure what step to take next, or seem to be standing still, unable to achieve your goals, pause and give your mind the time and space to generate solutions....more

Facebook Pages Gone Wild - Day 2

For weeks I'm been musing over how I can create something that will help Facebook Page owners to really build those pages that make their hearts beat a little faster and make new friends. It was hard to figure out something that was thoroughly un-spammy, fair, and would just be great for everybody....more