Recipe for Slow Braised Spicy Pork Shoulder

This recipe for spicy braised pork shoulder started with a bit of a mix up.  Luckily, my husband doesn't mind being sent out to get the shopping.  He does have one (well more actually, but I'll only tell you about this one for now) stipulation.  That is, that I don't ask him to get 'strange' things.  By that he means food that's not on our standard shopping list.  He gets uncomfortable with anything that goes off piste from the weekly shop.  I try to stick with this, but sometimes ...  This was one of those times.  I wanted him to go to the butcher an...more

Beef Brisket With Honey Mustard Glaze - Recipe - Braising Series

     This is a family favorite at my house.  The brisket is infused with lemon peel, garlic, onion, and cloves while it braises gently on the stove, and then is finished with sherry in the oven coated with a brown sugar, mustard, and horseradish glaze.  The thin slices of brisket are delectable and you will want seconds!(Serves 6-8)...more

Lamb Shanks - Recipe - Braising Series

  The Lamb Shank recipe in this fall's Braising Series has many wonderful Indian spices such as Cardamom, Coriander, Cinnamon, Turmeric, and Cumin to make a fantastic sauce to serve with the tender fall-off-the-bone shanks.  Do not be afraid of 4 inches of ginger root or a whole head of garlic.  It creates magic in the Dutch oven....more

Pulled Pork Recipe

     I like to make this recipe outside on my Big Green Egg, because the pork picks up the delicious smoky flavor.  An oven works just fine too.  I  also use organic pork or better yet, pastured pigs.  You will taste the difference.  This is a braising recipe, and is actually faster than a traditional smoked pork recipe, which smokes at a lower temperature.  This recipe comes out tender, juicy, and fabulous!  I am very pleased with the results.  It is great to make for the upcoming Labor Day holiday!...more

Persian Beef Khoresh with Tart Peaches

This recipe is dead simple and had every single member of my family basically licking their plates. My children were actively angry when there was not enough for seconds on the second day. I cannot think of a better way to welcome in autumn than this recipe!Keep reading for Persian Beef Khoresh with Tart Peaches. Muffins are for people who don't have the 'nads to order cake for breakfast. --Seth, "Kitchen Confidential" (the show, not the book)...more

Post-Holiday Healthy Cooking Advice from the Mayo Clinic

As New Year's resolution season approaches, many of us are thinking about food and our health....more

Join the Swirling Notions Braisy Chain!

Why is it that as the days get grayer, the light inside seem to glow a tad warmer, and anything cooking over a slow, mellow heat in the oven seems to suffuse our very souls with comfort? That's what inspired this Braisy Chain. And now I'm sending out a hail for your favorite braising recipe. Click here to see what's already simmering and browse the rules for joining the Braisy Chain. Then get out the Dutch oven and send me your best! Cheers! Lia ...more