Relationship Marketing: A Tale of a Brand & Consumer Engagement

Relationship marketing is the new wave of social media marketing that engages people on a deeper level than ever before....more

Value Your Business: Value Your Brand

I recently ran across a job description that went something like this:“[Company Name] seeking full-time Sales Assistant.  Responsibilities include: inside sales customer service, creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, updating company brochures using Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop and providing clerical support for our team of nine outside sales reps.”...more

3 Keys to a Brand That Stands Out

“You make a stand with your brand, when you put your stake in the space and build out your tribe and community”. I am so excited to be starting a six part series here on Blogher on this bold and important topic because I am so passionate about this and feel it is not getting the priority it needs to have in entrepreneurship and small businesses. ...more

How Strong Egos Can Lead to Productive Business Partnerships

Below is an article by Bob Speyer about strong egos and how they affect the business world....more

Using Keywords to Achieve Social Media SEO Success

Web Success Team contributors Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss the importance of using keywords for Social SEO success. ...more

Integrating Social Media into Your Email Marketing Campaign

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discuss the best ways to incorporate social media into your email marketing campaign.  ...more

Complementing Social Media Pages with a Strong Website

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discusses guidelines for creating an effective mobile website.  ...more

Lots of Facebook Folks Like Lady Gaga and I Don't Care

Lady Gaga is the most popular person in the world. She is. Facebook says so. Well to be accurate, a research company says so. Since Lady Gaga has more Facebook fans "Likes" than any living human being, that obviously makes her the most popular person in the world. And we are supposed to care about this because... I don't know. That's the part I can't figure out. Maybe you can help me? ...more

And even though I am a big Starbucks fan, I don't particularly care that more

I Guess What I'm Trying to Say Is That I'm Tired of Feeling Intimidated to Write On My Own Blog

I still remember the first time I found "blogs."  I had followed a link from a weight watchers chat room. The blog was written by a woman named Melly. Ordinary Morning, was the name of the blog.  It was 2001.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen on the Internet. ...more
I used to read Ordinary Morning.  In fact, I got here by trying to google-find any new info ...more

The Digital Medical Revolution Is Already Taking Place

A medical revolution is already under way, but it’s not what you think. As government and industry sort out the Health Care Reform Act, there has been a quieter medical revolution everybody will benefit from — Republicans, Democrats, Independents; basically anyone with a pulse!  ...more