WORK STYLE - Kimberly Taylor * L.A.M.B. * Juicy Couture * Fiona Paxton

Get This Look: Kimberly Taylor Braided Romper L.A.M.B. Rhett Cascading Ruffle Sandal Juicy Couture Mayer White Bag Fiona Paxton Shine Necklace     ...more

Some Things I Need To Know

      There is still much I need to know, want to know, about blogging: ...more

How to stand out in a crowd of 6 million

With more than 6 million people in the world, everyone is looking for a way to stand out. One of the easiest ways to stand out is to create your unique competitive advantage. And the best way to find and build your advantage is to create your personal brand. Beginning this process can sometimes be overwhelming. So, as complex individuals with multiple passions and aspects to our lives, where do you start? ...more

Syncing your voice with your brand’s voice

If you’re not in sync, consumers know your faking it. Yikes! ...more

PLAY STYLE - Juicy Couture * J Brand * Marc by Marc Jacobs * Eugenia Kim

Juicy Couture Double Breasted Quilted PufferJ Brand Mid Rise 14" CordJuicy Couture Locke Strap and Buckle BootMarc by Marc Jacobs Sporty Lock Jacquard ToteEugenia Kim Talia Cap with Pom Pom   Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap ...more

Customer Service is the New Marketing: Interview with Lane Becker

We’ve been talking a bit about branding and customer service - about how they are inter-related and can impact your overall business.  In this interview with Lane Becker, co-founder of Get Satisfaction, he discusses customer service as the new marketing with interviewer Joshua-Michele Ross from O’Reilly... ...more

What is a Brand?

Our recent discussions on branding (here and here) brought up an important topic - what is a brand? Sometimes business owners think a brand is just a logo or a marketing message, but I think it’s much more... ...more

How to Get Your Brand Noticed

Jeremiah Owyang has a post on his blog worth a read - How to Get Noticed - about how to get yourself (and your work) noticed both online and offline.  I’d like to expand upon Jeremiah’s ideas and add a few how-tos to his list to expand it for business use.... (Read More on How to Get Your Brand Noticed on ...more

Mrs. Micah and the Bad Generics (with a few good ones thrown in)

I swear by generics. They make so much sense to me. But sometimes buying the name brand is probably the best call. Here’s a few places where I’ve found this over the last 2 months: 1. Giant* generic nasal strips. Mr. Micah uses these because otherwise he’ll periodically snore. We tried out the Giant ones first, but they didn’t work well. So we switched to Breathe-Right (Rite?). Turns out they have more adhesive which helps them stay on better and open the nose more. ...more