3 Keys to a Brand That Stands Out

“You make a stand with your brand, when you put your stake in the space and build out your tribe and community”. I am so excited to be starting a six part series here on Blogher on this bold and important topic because I am so passionate about this and feel it is not getting the priority it needs to have in entrepreneurship and small businesses. ...more

Manifesto: I Am Not a Brand

I am not saying that it is a bad or dishonest thing to try to sell your work. It is not. What I am saying is that I am tired of the rush to commodify everything, to turn everything into products, including people. I don’t want a brand, because a brand limits me. A brand says I will churn out the same thing over and over. ...more
So refreshing to read this! I'm an artist & write a blog which I love writing for its own sake ...more

And now I understand branding your blog...and yourself

For every mention of 'branding your blog' I have laughed. Because are we bloggers writing about the minute details of our lives or are we Nabisco trying to get every man and child to enjoy our 'Nilla Wafers? ...more

So many people threw branding around a few years ago that many rebelled against the notion of ...more