How To Increase Your Personal Brand Overall

Whether you are trying to grab that brand new promotion in the office or you are just trying to look and appear confident so you can walk up to your crush and ask them out, improving your personal brand is very important!  Your personal brand is what people say about you when you aren't near them or around them.  It's what people talk about when they are talking about you and you aren't in the room.  You always want a really good personal brand, in your professional and your personal life and it can always be improved on, no matter what stage in life you are!...more

How to Build an Engaged Social Following for Brand “X”

How do you build brand engagement through your social following? In this article Bob Speyer, our Web Success Team contributor tell us how! It’s easy to create a social buzz for a name bands celebs do it through rabid fans to drive the online interest and the majors like coca-cola do it with smart marketing and trillions of ad dollars....more

July 4th Google Doodle Evolution

Do you follow the Google "Doodles? They change every day. Now that our nation's birthday is approaching, Web Success Team's contributor, Bob Speyer shares his favorites.We have all become accustomed to a playful or meaningful logo (called the “Google Doodle”) being represented on the Google logo for every holiday. When it comes to Independence Day, starting in2000, there have been some pretty silly ones, and some that are worth remembering. So that’s just what we want to do, remember those that stuck out and how they show the evolution of the “doodle”over the years....more

Focus on Brand Consistency to Improve Brand Recognition

If you want to improve your brand’s recognition through social media, you should focus on three key branding elements: Voice and Tone, Logo and Colors. Brand recognition happens when you take these elements into account and keep your branding fundamentals consistent among them....more
This has been on my mind recently -- especially since I have no cohesion across my website, ...more

Vine – The Newest in Social Media Evolution

Ever used Vine for marketing? Vine is an excellent video tool for branding your products and services. Here is a blog written by Eric Pangburn, Web Success Team contributor, about the benefits of Vine....more

Losing Job Opportunities Because of Your Email Address?

Can your email address work against you in your search for employment? People make snap judgments about you based on your email address. I can remember working in a data support department in corporate and seeing customer database entries like "IMHOT1 at" listed and these were medical professionals. What judgment would you make about that person? See? Paul Gumbinner talks about the snap judgments people make about your brand based on your email and how it might hold you back in this post. ...more
lol...I've always been super boring with my email address. It's just my name. Guess I've been ...more

Brand Simplicity or Simplistic Branding?

I personally believe simplicity rules. Whether branding your business, setting up processes and procedures, or communicating, the premise keep it simple is king. When it comes to branding, simplicity without thought or strategy behind it doesn't make sense. This post from Nora Richardson of The Branding Spot is spot on regarding simplicity and your brand. ...more

How 5 Inspiring Entrepreneurs View Branding

By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeillAt times we all need to be inspired. This is why we’re sharing our five entrepreneurial stories so you might find inspiration in their mega-success and how they developed their companies and emphasized the importance of branding....more

Can Your Audience Relate to Your Brand?

Do you want your brand to evoke an emotion when people hear its name? When people connect with your brand, they may not only buy it, they might also advocate for it! Here are some great tips on making your brand seem more human....more

Why You Need Consistent Branding and Messaging

For some of us, the idea of keeping our branding and messaging consistent comes naturally (or is hammered into us from the start of our career), for others, we need a reminder as to the value of consistent branding and messaging as well as how to do it. It’s really all about integrated marketing and showing your audience who you are and what values you hold as a business....more