Cultivating Your Brand Through Pinterest

Pinterest really gets back to the roots of marketing: selling a lifestyle through creative imagery. The platform has taken off, and that is true in every sense of the word. As the most rapid growing social network in history, the potential for online branding via Pinterest is increasing everyday. Millions of users spend hours each day on Pinterest sorting through fashionable outfits, do-it-yourself craft ideas, and healthy recipes....more

A Rose By Any Other Name

Hello readers. I hope you’re all doing great. Today I want to discuss something that’s been on my mind for a long time—names. Or more specifically author names....more

3 Big Ideas for Attracting Clients

    Client attraction: it’s something we’re all concerned about as business owners.  So how do you grab not only more clients, but great clients who keep coming back again and again?  Try employing these three big ideas to attract (and keep!) great clients this year! “Eliminate” th...more

Branding Isn’t Just For Livestock

I met with a group of co-eds last week who are Entrepreneur majors at UNCG. I was entertained by their questions and surprised by a few things. Namely how unconnected most of them were....more

How to Self-Promote Without Backlash

When you've worked hard at your current position and met or exceeded every expectation your manager has set, it's time for a raise or promotion. But oftentimes, women have difficulty speaking about their achievements without being perceived as a braggart. How do sing your own praises in the office without attracting backlash? Joan C. Williams and Rachel Dempsey, authors of "The New Girls’ Network," shared their tips with w2wlink partner Women 2.0:...more

How to Build Online Trust through Reviews from Your Social Media Community

Building online trust is critical for an online business. Since your customers don’t often get to meet you face-to-face, in order to sell your products and services you have to build trust and confidence through your online voice instead....more

Visual Social Platforms to Watch in 2012

One of the most interesting trends to watch for in 2012 is social media going visual. What does that mean, you ask? It means that social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are taking the center stage by appealing to the visual aspect of marketing and branding as opposed to just the content side. While content focused sharing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn are very effective for online marketing, the visual appeal that these sites embody is assisting companies in expanding their influence and attract other niche groups as well....more
Hello there, WebSuccessTeam! What a great post. Very helpful to someone who wants to be on the ...more

The Importance of Coordinating Your Online Marketing Mix

Are your coordinating your marketing efforts in 2012? Here is an article by Bob Speyer at Web Success Team about organizing your marketing efforts for a successful online campaign....more
I totally agree with your position. While onsite SEO is one of the most effective tactics, I ...more

Taking Your Job Search and Resume Up a Notch

Taking Your Job Search and Resume Up a Notch ...more

Value Your Business: Value Your Brand

I recently ran across a job description that went something like this:“[Company Name] seeking full-time Sales Assistant.  Responsibilities include: inside sales customer service, creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, updating company brochures using Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop and providing clerical support for our team of nine outside sales reps.”...more