Value Your Business: Value Your Brand

I recently ran across a job description that went something like this:“[Company Name] seeking full-time Sales Assistant.  Responsibilities include: inside sales customer service, creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, updating company brochures using Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop and providing clerical support for our team of nine outside sales reps.”...more

rolling with the punches...

I'm thirty-one years old, and I finally feel like a real grown-up. It felt nice to say that! All kidding aside, though: this is monumental. I had a three-part post ready to publish, and some of it was accidentally deleted and could not be recovered. It happened in the blink of an eye, and it didn't even dawn on me at first that my work was lost. I didn't utter one curse word. I stared at the computer screen for ten minutes, dumbfounded. But I didn't get angry, or lose my temper, or cry in frustration....more
I really like the name Small Bird on Fire - I think you should keep it :)more

Points, privileges and perks

Hurry, your Exclusive coupons expire on November 20!Choose your offer!Double Loyalty Points or 10 percent off your booking. A bounty of bonus miles...more

Is SEO Really Dead? Or Has it Morphed into a Social Superhero!

The lines have become blurred from traditional SEO to what I call SEO on “steroids”. The fuel that drives the traditional SEO engine is still relevant, from keyword-rich website content, code to content ratio and optimization, to being Google compliant. However, today search engines are paying increasing attention to an online social activity. Consistent social engagement indicates that a website is an active participant in commerce and is not just a content generator or link farm....more

Branding the Next Generation

Companies have to wake up to the fact that they are more than a product on a shelf. They're behavior as well.  ~Robert Haas...more

The 12 and 12 For Keeping Your Brand Re-Freshed!

This is the final part of our six part series on Brand Power-Are You Building It! We have journeyed together on an adventure and explored, gone off the beat and path a little, detoured and taken some side trips but have never lost site of the main road. ...more

How to Get Your Logo Right

A Great Logo Takes Some Work Creating a logo that accurately represents your company takes a bit of research....more

What's Your Logo Really Saying?

It’s important to understand exactly what message your brand is sending out toward your prospective customers – and that includes your logo.  You may think your brand and/or logo is saying one thing, when in fact it is saying something completely different. ...more

Life Without Branding

Imagine a world without any brand names, brand logos or brand messaging – I’m talking no branding whatsoever.  What would the world be like?  What would it look like?  Ok, well maybe school-aged children could benefit from this.  You know, no more getting picked on for not wearing the hottest brand name clothing.  And there’s a high probability you would no longer be bombarded by a McDonald's ad every five seconds…which might be ok.But other than that, does anyone really benefit from a complete lack of branding?...more

Believe in Yourself = Success

In life and in business, it’s important to stay positive, even when things aren’t going so well.  It happens to all of us: when that inner-voice is constantly talking you down, it becomes harder and harder to perform to the best of your ability....more