My Adventures in Bra Fitting

What would do with them when you're done???I suppose it is possible that there are women out there who walk into the lingerie section of a store and easily find a bra. Or several bras....more

Intimates & Fools is out!

Along with the annual anthologies, in 2014, Les Femmes Folles unveils Les Femmes Folles Books with Intimates & Fools. Read more about how the book came together here. Bras Just Want Some Appreciation. Don’t We All? ...more

Finding Cups and Bowls in the Bra Department

Wandering around a store last week, I came to a simple realization: I needed a new bra. It was probably two years old - or older - because I am just simply too cheap and lazy to buy a new one, especially since no one sees it anyway. Unless the bra strap slides down my arm while wearing a tank top.Which it did. ...more