How Do You Even Know Where to Begin When Buying a Sports Bra for DD+?

If you're the type of woman that thinks wearing two bras when exercising will “make do”, then think again! This short blog post will help you understand why I think it is  important to get the right support (and feel great) while exercising!Q. If I’m not doing an aerobic exercise, do I still need to wear a sports bra?...more
@Carmen S Hey Carmen, hahahah you did make me chuckle! I would completely agree..."german prison ...more

How to Deal With a Large Chest

         As a full busted woman, I understand that dealing with a large bust can be a real pain for many women. Some feel embarrassed by their large breasts and want to hide them. Many women experience a great deal of discomfort and even resort to invasive surgery to have their breast size reduced. However, with the right bra and a bit of patience, large busted women can turn their frustration into relief and emphasize the positive! Here is a list of a few simple tips and tricks for dealing with a large chest. ...more

An Obsession With Boobs

I’m obsessed with boobs.Not the “oh my God what a jerk – he’s such a boob” variety but rather, the female variety.Before you cast me off as some whack job or call the local authorities, let me explain....more

Down with the Nursing Bra!

If you are of the male persuasion, you may want to skip this one.  And if you choose to read, don't say I didn't warn you. I HATE nursing bras.  I figure that by the time I'm done nursing Elijah, I will have worn a nursing bra for two and a half years of my life.  (Not consecutively.  Cumulatively.)   I've hated them from the beginning, and I hate them still. First of all, they provide no support.  None.  I'm not exaggerating.  Zero support.  I get it....more

Overthinking the Magic Bra

Sandra and I were shopping for bras in what is still called -- in this day and age! -- the "Intimates" department when I saw it: the Maidenform Ultimate Push Up Bra. Have you seen this thing? "Add two cup sizes!" it promises, as well it should, since it seems to contain a small throw pillow's worth of padding in each cup. The bra was pretty ridiculous, really, so we gave it its proper mockery then continued with the special hell that is bra-shopping. ...more

I was shopping for a first training bra with my 11 year old daughter today and the friggin' ...more

Operation Shopping Mall

It was a dreary, windy, humid Sunday and I was tired of being in the house with the kids…for four days…and another school vacation day today.  Please…will these children EVER go back to school for more than three days in a row?  So, after watching two recorded episodes of What Not To Wear, I was primed to go shopping....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's HoodBirth by Paperwork...more

Busting Out All Over

There are three little words that every big-busted woman out there has grown to know and love. “I’m up here.”...more

The Curse of the 'D' Cup

It is a misconception that big breasts are a blessing. I sometimes fantasise about my reincarnated self and she is everything I am not. A perfect, pert 32B; small, blonde, dainty, a jaw dropping hourglass figure and a manipulative seductress.  She (I) will stand around airport terminals looking sweetly incapable of lifting anything heavier than a credit card whilst looking for 'Mr Big, Strong and Handsome' to carry my bags. Such is the stuff of dreams!...more

After A MRI, Don’t Forget Your Bra

I had to get a MRI today and it was quite an experience. The funny part was, I almost left without an important part of my clothing – my bra. That was the only item I had to take off. Of course that was after the technician used one of those airport metal detector wands all over me, in full view of everyone in the waiting room. Though I remembered to leave my wedding band and watch at home, I wasn’t thinking about wearing a bra with an underwire in it when I left the house....more
Even if you wear a regular bra, you may be asked to take it off (like i was today) because of ...more

Santa Baby, slip an IUD under the tree for meeee....

 Not the typical Christmas list from this girl… My list would probably make any mall Santa turn redder than good ol’ Rudolph’s nose and beg for a lunch break....more