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Know Your Body, Ladies

I harp incessantly about body types and bra fittings not because I'm some sort of clothing expert but because I've learned by totally doing it wrong. I'm the girl who has had muffin top, a card slot showing, boob spillage, visible panty line and then there was that pair of pants that cut circulation to the rest of my body. So it is my goal to not have you be me. I might be good at a lot of things but dressing myself is not one of them. I'm a 'third time's a charm' kinda girl. ...more

I completely agree that clothes have to fit well, and they have to fit the body one has NOW ...more

Scam Alert - Brassage

Okay ladies be honest with me, if you had seen this bra and heard what it claimed would you have spent $59.99 on one? I would have, I'm sure of it. The product is made through Intimate Healthwhich then links you to the scientific basis of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology. Hey listen, if you like the bra, but the bra but that's probably all it is, a bra. It's not going to prevent cancer but it could be helpful to people who have lymphatic problems, who knows? ...more

The importance of good bras

I absolutely loathe shopping for bras. I'm telling you, I hate it. I read those articles in magazines about bra fittings, I get several bra catalogues, I see Oprah talking about bras and I roll my eyes and pretend not to care. I've probably been six different bra sizes over the course of my life, between my teenage years (34b), my pre-baby years (34c), three pregnancies (36dd) and breastfeeding (oh, I don't know, do the sizes go to f?).  ...more

Two years ago, I was shopping for a strapless bra (to wear under a new dress I'd bought for a ...more

Photographic evidence of the importance of a good bra

Here's a fun story that I like to tell when people fret at me over the importance of a good, quality bra and a bra fitting like with a professional. Not with a tape measure and guestimating: ...more

Yes it takes time but if you get multiple fittings and take the one size that came back the ...more

I Love Cleavage

I started writing about love songs, but I’d much rather think about cleavage. About a year ago I discovered my very own cleavage and have come to flaunt it. Flaunt in the way that a midlife teacher would, so don’t start thinking Madonna-flaunt (although I feel compelled to say that she is older than me). Think three unbuttoned buttons and not Italian stallioness to the belly-button unbuttoned. ...more

Finding the perfect bra - Part two of BlogHer's chat with Tomima Edmark

Now that you've got the low-down on getting fitted for a bra, it's time to talk specifics.  I hear often from women who are either petite or nursing or well-endowed, and who all want a great bra that will flatter and support. The right bra can change the way all your clothes fit and can make you look thinner and curvier and just plain better.  HerRoom's Tomima Edmark is back with recommendations for a variety of sizes and shapes.   I'm petite -- are there petite bras? ...more

First, BRAS ARE NOT OUTERWEAR, take this from your potential employer.

Second, if you ...more

Double your bra wardrobe with a simple gadget

This is a compensated review by BlogHer, the Strapper and Bralief. I have a very small chest; on a good day, I wear a 32 Nearly A bra.  At my largest, when I was nursing, I wore a full A cup.   I'm sure you're all happy to know that.  But it's relevant, I swear.   ...more

Wait a minute. A bra clip with crystals? This for showing off the bra clip on backless items?? ...more


Never, never, never underestimate the power of a good bra. I had forgotten what wearing a good fitting bra can feel like--and let me tell you, at least in my rather limited life--it approaches heaven. ...more

Victoria's Secret Asking Dumped Customers: "Take Us Back"

You know the story:older woman gets dumped for younger, sexier woman. Younger sexier woman gets bored and older woman's lover comes hightailing it back, begging to be given a second chance. So goes the retail plight of Victoria's Secret. 2007 was not a good year for Victoria's Secret. They got dumped. But then again, 2007 wasn't a good year for most retailers. It's just most retailers aren't blaming it on bad sex. ...more

For the last 3 years I haven't shopped at Victoria's Secret, mainly because I couldn't get my ...more