How to Measure Your Bra Size

For many women, one of the best parts of the day is taking your bra off at night. Most of us feel more comfortable without one on, and this is probably because a whopping number of women wear the wrong size. So let’s look at how to measure for the right size so you and the girls can be happy. ...more

The Ballad of the Perfect Bra

The girls and I have been a team since I was eight years old. It’s true. And I’ve tried to be very good to them all these years, because they’ve been downright kind to me. As a reward for my goodwill, they have generated for me more cat calls and poorly-veiled gawks than a woman with modest provisions could ever hope to imagine (whether or not that’s a good thing is still up for debate)....more

The C Cup Inquisition

It was one of those days were my girls and I needed a little lift. We had been feeling a bit frumpy and I knew it was time to update my wardrobe. I headed to the mall armed with my budget and one eye out for pretty sundresses. It was with luck I remembered to wear my favorite bra! The girls stood at attention as I tried on a very pretty dress for a mighty fine price. I scooped it up and went on my merry way. ...more
LOL! I feel lost without it :) @deelicioussweetsmore

The Big Bra Myth

So this morning I was watching Live With Regis and Kelly, and they did the usual segment on how 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size....more

Thanks for cutting through the crap! But I think it's a stocking problem. There are not enough ...more