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On Taking Risks and Being Brave

A few months back, my high school friend Mary Catherine did a lovely interview with me for her blog, Starr Struck.In the interview, she mentioned that she'd always considered me to be comfortable with myself, and comfortable taking risks. This was both wonderful and surprising to read....more

I Beg You To Quit Pretending

A friend of mine called me to confide in me about how she was struggling in her marriage, and after listening to her story and meeting it with compassion instead of the judgment she feared, I confessed that my marriage wasn’t going so well either.  I shared with her the struggles Matt and I have been dealing with for several years now, and her response was, “I would never have guessed that in a million years. You two just seem so perfect together.”...more

New Merida: WTF, Disney?

Okay, I am calling shenanigans. Disney has decided Merida, the heroine of Pixar’s movie Brave, wasn’t quite “Princess-like” enough so they have decided to market her with a new look. She is now a "hotter," more girly version of herself. ...more
yEs yes I heard many people talking about the redesigned Merida and just blogged about it but ...more

Scottish Princess Merida is still "Brave" on DVD

This June, Disney delighted us with the theatrical release of "Brave," the story of a Scottish princess and a Scottish queen who cannot communicate with each other -- until Merida seeks to change her fate, evoking a powerful curse in the process. ...more

Be "Brave": Brenda Chapman, Heartbreak, Hollywood, and Gender Inequality

There's a lot of conversation in BlogHer back channels around the current state of women in and television specifically. We often discuss the different ways we can help to spur the conversation and elevate our Hollywood counterparts from here on the web. And like many BlogHer Editors, I lead a double life -- curating and cultivating women's stories here and then changing hats and pounding the pavement as a screenwriter in the trenches of Tinseltown. ...more
Thanks for this post! I'm an aspiring tv/screenwriter myself and I have to admit that sometimes ...more

Review - Brave

I think enough time has passed where I can talk about Brave, right? Spoilers below. ...more

Brave and Other Princessy Qualities

Thank you Pixar, thank you, thank you, thank you for finally introducing us to a real princess. A flawed, sometimes selfish, prideful tomboy of a girl in Brave. She sounds like a real prize, I know, but being a Disney movie, the princess in question, Merida, learns a lesson and it's a good one. It certainly translates to real life a little easier than, say, Cinderella or Snow White ("be really sweet and kind, girls, and your prince, or at least his footman, will come and sweep you away!). ...more

Why "Brave" Is a Must-See Movie for Moms

A lot of people are talking about how important Brave is because it shows girls a new kind of “princess” -- Merida is a strong Princess who can take care of herself and wants more out of life than just getting married to a prince. I agree that this is a great movie for girls -- since seeing the movie, my four-year-old has stopped running around the house in a princess dress and pretending to marry a prince and now she is running around with her (play) bow and arrow and growling like a bear. However, I think it’s important to say that this is also a great movie for moms -- especially moms of daughters....more
I love your take on the movie - haven't seen it yet, but definitely will. I agree that the mom ...more

Review of "Brave"