Disney's "Brave": Not for the Faint of Heart

The highly anticipated Brave arrived in theatres Friday. I was anxious to see what Pixar achieved with its first female protagonist so I snuck out for a matinée sans children. Having read on Common Sense Media that there were “a couple of scary sequences involving a large angry bear,” I also wanted to preview the film before letting my five-year-old son see it....more
I like Pixar and the idea of a heroine and a bear fight scene. I'll have to catch it.   I ...more

Being brave

I am afraid of the journey I'm embarking upon.  My job was making me physically ill and I was being taken advantage of so i decided to jump into the unknown.  I know the universe will take excelllent care of me because I 've already seen angels appear in the form of my new boss surprising me by giving me money on the day I announced I had quit my job and was ready to work for him, in the form of calling a big client to ask her to follow me to my new company and having her listen to me cry for a few moments, to the client who I had called for a loan and who turned around with a gre...more

Eating Alone When Traveling For Business

I have been really lucky this week while working in Flushing, New York. The engineers and operators that I have been working with have taken me out to breakfast and lunch every day. Normally when I'm traveling for work, I spend a lot of time eating alone. This is something that I have really had accept to get myself out of the hotel, to stop ordering room service and to do comfortably. ...more


Written in a treatment program in 1997. Does treatment work?...more

Vodka Anyone?

I just wanted to fill you in on our eventful afternoon yesterday. My pediatrician told us last year that at six years old, there is finally a test that is performed at the Children’s Hospital that can confirm asthma. Because our six-year-old has what we suspect is “viral induced asthma,” and he never huffs nor wheezes while running or during physical activity, we weren’t so convinced he actually had asthma, per se. So, off we went yesterday afternoon for a test which we were told was a breeze. He just had to blow a few times into a “thing.”...more
Hi Sara, Thanks for your words! It was pretty stressful, but we're all good on this end ...more

Queen Bee Bullies

Boys are much easier than girls, I think. Boys get in fights, a little blood is spilt, and everything is fine- clean slate. Girls, well, girls are much more devious. G got tortured by this one little girl last year for far too long. When she finally told me about it, I was so mad that I wanted to tell her to smack Queen Bee upside her head. Twice, for good measure. This little twerp was so graphic that I had to explain all sorts of things, not the least of which included bestiality. ...more

Only Believe

I do not watch television much, not because I'm against it, I just don't have time! However, sometimes, I'll turn the news on to listen in the background while I'm writing to catch up on current events. I just heard a statistic on Headline News that said 3 out of 4 Americans are stressed and angry at what's going on in the world. ...more

This is a refreshing post.  I know that there are many other people who believe that in ...more

Confidence? up from 20% to 70%. Courage? 100%

To some it might not seem brave, but I went back to work today. Yesterday was exciting but also frightening. It led to negative cognitive patterns. I questioned my value as a person, I worried that I'd never be able to hold this or any job. One nice thing about having a depressed spouse is that they can recognize these patterns and help you get through them better than the average person. Especially if you're married to the son of a psychologist. ...more