"Cosmosis": Can it Kill You?

She saw me getting better, and my journey gave her the courage to finally decide to go get checked. She admitted to us that she had known all along, but was paralyzed with fear to even go to the doctor because she didn't think she could muster the strength to deal with this seemingly unsurmountable obstacle.  She feared losing her beautiful hair, her breasts, and even her marriage, as she had first-hand experience with a friend's husband who did not stand by her....more

What Does Bravery Look Like When You're a Mom?

I’ve never thought of myself as “brave” in the true sense of the word. I’m not really a risk-taker, and aside from roller coasters, I don’t do any dare-devilish things. Skiing even seems out of the question for me. ...more
I can totally relate to this.  Being a mom is hard work.  Recently I had to be "that" mom in ...more