A Brazilian Fish Stew Called Moqueca

Brazilian Limeade

Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo)

Pão de Queijo – literally cheese bread in Portuguese – is a bread-like snack baked with cheese and tapioca starch, or manioc, as they call it. It is a very popular street-side snack found in many South American towns and cities and even in America itself; a commonly loved delicacy due to its chewiness and cheesy flavours....more

What IS a Brazilian Blow-out? | hwh<3

For the past year or so, I have heard so much about Brazilian blow-outs, yet had no idea what they were.  The name alone intrigued me, as it sounds fun and exotic.  I also noticed that it was  expensive to have a brazilian blow-out performed, which made it even more intriguing. After wondering for what felt like forever, I decided to “Google” it. It turns out that a Brazilian blow-out is a temporary hair straightening service, with the use of keratin....more

Position///////////////////Give you the rights of mistreat people?

I always felt discrimination against my person,not from all my bosses, but some of them....more

Cocktail Blogging: Prickly Pear Caipirinha

Last week, I got to have lunch at the new Richard Sandoval restaurant in Santa Monica, Zengo.  While the food menu was lookin' good, the cocktail menu was outstanding!...more

Today From - Another Tale of Wax Disaster

Another Tale of Wax Disaster Yes, it's Monday AGAIN! *sigh* Since Monday tends to be such a depressing day I figured I'd pull a post out of my private archive files today. Hopefully this will help brighten up your Monday and give you a reason to laugh. ...more

I'm doing my first bikini wax this weekend... yikes!  At least it's being done by a professional ...more

Build A Better Bikini

I can't say that swimwear was on the top of my "to do" list when I woke up this morning, but when I found out that launched it's new "You As a Designer" feature, I couldn't wait to kick my inner bikini designer into full gear! This fab do-it-yourself feature came about after Thales Panagides, founder of, received several requests from all over the world asking if it would be possible to tap into their production facilities and know-how. ...more