Thank You, Angelina.

Thank you, Angelina. Because the first thing I thought, after hearing the news story about her elective double-mastectomy, was “if she can do it, I can do it.” When I found out, back in November of 2011, that I have the BRCA-1 mutation, the  decision to opt for a preventative double mastectomy, followed by an oopharectomy, was pretty much a “no-brainer.”...more
Thank YOU, Dvora, for this insightful post. I didn't realize that Angelina's mother died due to ...more

Increasing My Odds

Prior to her breast cancer diagnosis, my mother had been quite vigilant about doing breast self exams, and getting routine mammograms. It didn’t help. My mom died about a year and a half ago, after an 18 year battle with breast cancer that slowly but surely metasticized to her brain, liver, and other organs....more
Wow Dvora. I don't even really have words. <3more

When a Trip to the "Plumber" Makes You Really Think

You would think that my post about tampons would have satisfied any latent need I had for “oversharing”. Guess not. I just returned from my annual (well, sort of annual) trip to the gynecologist and have been deep in thought ever since. It’s seldom that regular check-ups rattle me. I’m quite healthy (thank God) and work fairly hard at keeping all of my systems in working order, so I usually expect little more than an “atta-girl” from the doctor or dentist (in fact, I love it when my dentist compliments me on my excellent home care - - weird, I know)....more