My Favorite Coffee Cake

This past Christmas, I made my own personal Ezekiel-Style spin on stollen and the family loved it.  It has since become our go-to breakfast bread or, as we adults like to call it, coffee cake.  If you're familiar with Ezekiel bread, you know it has a considerable weight, lots of fiber and a very hearty flavor.  When you add dried fruits and nuts to the standard sprouts and sprouted grains, you get a substantial breakfast bread sure to satisfy any sweet tooth without added sugar, glaze or frosting.  ...more

Baking Ezekiel Bread at Home - The Sourdough Experiment

I remember when I started making Ezekiel Bread.  We had some serious masonry happening in the kitchen.  Bricks you could build a house with! Eventually, with a great deal of practice on my part and the patience of saints from my taste testers, I finally tweaked the recipe to be just right for all of our bread needs....more

Thankful for throwing bread

When one hears about food being thrown around, we often think back to elementary or middle school food fights. You would probably agree that food fights are wasteful, messy and ridiculous.This is not the kind of food throwing that I refer to. ...more

The aroma of baking bread... kicked up a notch (and easy!)

Sausage, Onion and Peppers Stuffed Bread Kick up oven baked bread by stuffing it!  Always a favorite ~ prepare ahead and pop into the oven just before you serve.  makes a great appetizer, munchie, snack for football Sunday or just because!...more

Cheesy Garlic Bacon Pull-Apart Bread

What's better than munching on warm bread? How about a warm bread with cheesy goodness stringing about. A round bread loaf sliced up to be a pull-apart bread with lots of flavor. Serve as a complement to any Italian meal or as an appetizer to guests with some extra garlic butter on the side. Recipe at

Healthy Banana Bread


Zucchini Oat Bread

Zucchini Oat BreadFall in love with your favorite breads for Autumn. This bread will be added to your list of favorites if it's not already on there.Homemade, moist and tasty. You can't get much better than that.If you are a bread lover such as myself, you will absolutely fall in love all over again. A warm slice with some butter spread on top makes this a wonderful breakfast or snack!...more

Smoked Bacon Cheddar Hush Puppies

 Hush puppies are easy to make. They are one of those food that require little effort to produce delicious satisfying results. They are made with a cornmeal/flour based batter. In my hush puppies, there is a particular ingredient that you will not find in many others—ricotta cheese....more

Chili Chocolate Red Wine Bread