Bread Baking Basics

Kathleen Kelly...more

Learn, Bake, Share with King Arthur Flour

  See how King Arthur Flour help my daughter bake bread and also raise her community awarness. ...more

Beiterbrott (Spent Grain Bread)

I was trying to type a blog entry Monday and must have hit the touch-pad on the netbook.  Sigh.  Ten minutes of typing lost.  So today I am typing my entry in a text editor using a plugged-in, full sized keyboard.I´m not cooking at the moment.  I am visiting with family.  I think I will take this opportunity to type up the bread recipe I have been using for spent grain....more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Rockin' Rolls

Sandwiches rule at least half the western world by now, and as we all know—while the filling is the star—it would be nothing without the staff of life that surrounds it; and so, I give you my version of the humble sandwich roll....more

What's hard is settling for less after you've given it a try. For me: a lifelong love affair....more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Chili and French Bread

Way back in the Pleistocene Era, when I first started keeping house, one of the best friends I ever had told me with divinely reassuring conviction that any fool can make chili and she was right. If I were going to actually try to teach a monkey to cook something, this recipe might be it.Hopefully, the ease of chili-making will then leave your mind free to learn how to bake bread if you’ve never tried it before; but if you’re intimidated, too busy, or simply bored by bread-making, just go buy a loaf or some flour tortillas and you’ll still find plenty of satisfaction....more

That's the beauty of chili -- it's so customizable. When my daughter was very little I sometimes ...more

Kiss the Cook-My Grandmother's Oatmeal Bread

It's November, and you know what that means..Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.  To us that means family and friends gathering for food, fun and football! Our recipes this month will focus on that, and should you have any to all means, it's not a party until everyone get's here! ...more

I'm so glad you made it, and enjoyed it as much as my family and I do! The next best thing to me ...more