From a lost notebook….the lonely dance of Ruby rube (Part 2)

She’s silenced by the distance of one computer connected to another, not directly with cables and wires but by unseen forces she can’t understand. Not solid, like the movement of limbs powered by muscle and bone, but a ...more

The Lonely Dance of Ruby Rube (Part 1)

She sits at her glass table—the one he dislikes—sorting through the pieces of a new jigsaw puzzle. She sorts by pattern, colour and design. She lifts a piece, judges it with squinted eyes, moves it to a pile, and lifts another. He often teased her for this pleasure, rolling his eyes and letting out a ...more

A Harsh Awakening

So it's been 3 weeks now and I've finally been able to make it through a whole night without waking up thinking about he who shall not be named. That sensation of coming round, wondering why, remembering and then having the breath knocked from me by the inevitable concrete fist in the belly, is finally beginning to subside. So far today I haven't even blubbed. Had a bit of a wobble earlier but a shakey bottom-lip does not a crying fit make. ...more