Why Midlife Rocks Your World

Kathy Caprino I was speaking today with a wonderful client of mine – let’s call her “Carol,” who shared a story about her views of midlife BEFORE she had arrived in midlife, and then what happened when her 40’s came. She shared, It’s funny – when I was my early 30’s, and I’d hear about someone having a ‘midlife crisis,’ I’d think to myself, “Wow, I don’t really get that.  I’m focused, doing what I need to, experiencing success, the kids are good, things are moving along well.  I can’t imagine waking up to wanting a whole new life or finding out...more

The 12 Hidden Crises of Entrepreneurial Women

Kathy CaprinoSeveral years ago I conducted a yearlong research study with over 100 working women across the country about professional crises in women and how we can reclaim our lives to overcome them.  I was astounded by the findings, and felt they were so universal and important for women, I wrote a book called Breakdown Breakthrough about these 12 crises, offering a three-step holistic model to break through these challenges once and for all....more

7 Reasons You Hate Marketing – And How to Learn to Love It

Kathy CaprinoIn ramping up my marketing consulting work with women consultants, practitioners, and entrepreneurs these past months, I’ve heard these words over and over:  “I hate marketing.”  or, more specifically…  “I hate promoting myself.” It’s an amazing thing to observe – that so many women today view marketing as sleazy, embarrassing, scary, or simply overwhelming....more

The 5 “M’s” Necessary for Entrepreneurial Women’s Success

Kathy CaprinoIn launching my new Breakthrough Vision Marketing division that offers women entrepreneurs, consultants, writers, and practitioners marketing support to achieve success in their ventures, I’ve discovered some telling statistics about the success entrepreneurial women have achieved thus far, and the challenges women continue to face in creating financial success in their endeavors....more

The New Rules of Marketing – Five Key Principles of Care, Credibility, Connection, Clarity and Calling

Kathy CaprinoAs many of my friends and community members know, I'm a huge fan of Scott Stratten, President of Un-marketing (www.un-marketing.com). Almost every word this guy says and writes resonates 100% with me, and reflects my views and feelings about what it means to engage authentically, build relationships, and "market" yourself, your products and services, in the highest and best sense of the word....more

How Career Coaching Gets It Wrong: Tips For Choosing a Career Coach Who Won’t Waste Your Money

Kathy Caprino What are the easiest ways to spot an ineffective career coach who won’t be helpful in moving you forward?    This week I heard fr...more

5 Reasons You're Miserable at Work and What to Do About It

Kathy Caprino Last week, I held a free teleclass for women on the “5 Reasons You’re Miserable at Work and What To Do About It,” based on key findings from my national research with scores of working women across the country...more

The Differences Between a Man and Woman's Perspective on Happiness

“9 out of 10 women studied are experiencing at least one of the 12 crises working women face today, and over half don’t know what to do about it.  On average, working women are experiencing three crises at the same time.” ...more