Lately I`ve been a little obsessed with avocados and cumin, so this has been a favourite breakfast of mine; the combination goes very well together.INGREDIENTS2 pieces of toast2 eggs2 slices of bacon1/2 avocado1 tbsp olive oil1 tsp cuminSalt and pepper to taste...more


Happy Easter or Passover weekend! My family was never big about Easter, except going to Church on that Sunday, but if you do gather with family or loved ones, this is the cutest brunch recipe. If you celebrate Passover, skip the bacon, although it hurts my heart to tell you to do so.  [Read more]...more

Swiss Eggs

Swiss eggs are guaranteed to feel and taste special, no matter what time of day you enjoy them.  Eggs, cheese, cream, and English muffins are all quite enjoyable on their own, and they really work together here.  If you eat meat, the Canadian bacon provides a great salty bite, but it definitely isn't necessary.  In fact, I think I'd like these eggs best with a saltier-than-normal cheese and a few extra snips of chives--any time of the day!...more

Plated + Served: Matzo Eggs Rancheros

Leftover Matzo from Passover. Leftover Easter Eggs from, well, Easter. Leftover Salsa from watching March Madness.Mama’s building cultural bridges one meal at a time. ...more

Baked Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes, Sauteed Spinach and Queso Fresco

Snacking in the Kitchen Because there are only so many times you can turn eggs into an omelet for breakfast or make them into quick scramble, I came up with a new way to prepare this breakfast staple.  Baked Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes, Sauteed Spinach, and Queso Fresco.   ...more

How to Make "Toad in the Hole": A Jock's Guide Ep. 14

Toad in the Hole?  A Toad in A Hole?  Piggy in the Middle?  Eggs in a Nest?  Whatever you call it, this EGGcellent little ditty will have you craving oeufs like there's no tomorrow... or eggs tomorrow..... you know? Guaranteed, in under 4 minutes, you'll be just dying to get cracking! Visit www.ajocksguide.com for more amazing recipes and entertaining how-to videos!...more

Plated + Served: Today's The Sixth Day of Christmas...

According to the song, today my true love is supposed to give me six geese laying eggs.I am so happy he didn’t… can you imagine the mess? Instead, he whipped up this 6-egg Frittata and filled it with feta cheese and some leftover sautéed onions we had in the fridge. Perfect for the crowd we had to feed this morning. Delicious! And a lot easier than chasing six geese through the house!...more

Plated + Served: We're Up To The Third Day of Christmas...

I don’t know why my true love insists on giving me fowl … today it is Three French Hens. Where I live we aren’t allowed to keep chickens, but it’s nice to see that some near-by suburbs are loosening up the restrictions.But I digress (as usual)....more