Berry Breakfast Bowl

(The beauty in it)When I first saw smoothie bowls all over Instagram I was surprised. They were so beautiful and filled with ingredients that I wanted to try. I've had many a smoothie over the years so smoothie bowls as a progression just made sense. ...more

Breakfast Casserole

It’s officially summer and it is HOT! My A/C is getting quite the workout lately. Me, not so much, but that’s a different story. Hope you’re all staying cool out there....more

Beet Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Are you on the Smoothie Bowl bandwagon? If not, grab your blender and climb aboard! These beautiful bowls take smoothie creation to the next level of food art, and since I am a smoothie junkie, creating epic jazzed-up smoothies in giant bowls makes me shimmy with glee. For those of you wondering what the heck is a Smoothie Bowl, read on dear friends read on.  ...more

Leaving the cereal on the shelf

I ate breakfast every morning when I was little - oatmeal in the winter, cereal in the warmer months, pancakes or waffles on the weekends. Breakfast was, after all, the most important meal of the day. I probably needed that meal to sustain me as the nuns were not going to let us eat again until lunch at 12:30. ...more

How to Make Chilaquiles Verdes

This has quickly become one of our favorite meals to make on a busy weeknight. It also happens to be my brunch go-to. I have a deep fondness for Chilaquiles. Red sauce, green sauce, chicken, eggs…every combination is AMAZING! These Chilaquiles would make a wonderful Cinco de Mayo recipe, which just so happens to be right around the corner!...more
Looks tasty and beautiful!more

Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Biscuits

It took me three times to get this Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Biscuit recipe correct, yes THREE.Three times to clean the dishes (including the food processor, oy), two times at the grocery store to get sweet potatoes, and lots of taste testing.  However, it was all worth it.  These sweet potato biscuits were SO good.  They were dense, while still being soft, moist and fluffy....more

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

If you're anything like me, you're super-motivated to make breakfast the next morning when it's 7 pm the night before. I google, pinterest, and brainstorm ideas that will please the man of the house....more

The ultimate breakfast wars

It is Saturday. My son and I are in the kitchen and I am teaching him how to make scrambled eggs. I watch him as he stands on a stool near the stove, mimicking the moves I showed him earlier with the spatula. "Look, Mommy! I am swooping the eggs and they are coming out fluffy."...more