Cinnamon French Toast: Morning's Are Good

French toast is so simple to make, and I find its always a crowd pleaser.  Having the right kind of bread from which to make french toast is important.  One cannot use plain toast bread--it will just turn out too mushy. I recommend a hearty, heavy, crusty whole grain or a rotund white round loaf.  Heading to your local bakery is well worth it....more

Daily Ferret: Breakfast!

@Your Daily Ferret  Yep, we had three but one passed away last August... and I haven't updated ...more

A Jock's Guide on Rogers Daytime Television

When I was asked to go on live television and cook, I squealed and ran around my kitchen like an over-excited banshee... But then? Reality set in.  ME? ON LIVE TELEVISION COOKING? It ended up being the most fun 7 minutes I've had in a long time!  The hosts of Rogers Daytime in Ottawa, Canada, were amazing and who knew that my German Pancakes would be such a hit!  I ended up feeding most of the crew ;)...more

Peanut Butter Waffles

While doing my menu planning a couple of weeks ago, I came upon a really fun fact.  Apparently, January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day.  Who knew?I'm not normally one to really buy into the whole "National Day of Whatever" thing.  I mean, pretty much every day is something day, right?  But I just could not let a day devoted to something as delicious as peanut butter pass me by.  So, I'm celebrating National Peanut Butter Day...all week.  ...more

Omelet Roll (Gluten-Free)

Recipe: Eggs Grandpa Manny

Recipe: Eggs Grandpa Manny...more

Banana-Oatmeal Eggnog Muffins


Oh-So-Yummy Pancakes

They are gluten free, dairy-free, filled with wholesale grains and other fantastic, nutrient-rich ingredients.  I've played around with a lot of pancake recipes, and for being gluten and dairy free, these are perfect and kid-pleasing.Ingredients:1 cup spelt flour (we love Vitaspelt)...more

Tomato and Feta Frittata

 After I went to the gym this morning I was STARVING!!!...more