Green Coconut Dip / Chutney

Green Coconut Chutney is a perfect accompaniment for South Indian breakfast and snack recipes. This can be prepared in less than 5 minutes and is vegan and gluten free....more

No Knead Baguette

No Knead Baguette is a vegan, easy to make, tasty and irresistible bread that is crusty outside with light and chewy texture inside and is a must try!This bread is distinguishable from other breads due its length and the crispy crust. With the recipe below you can prepare 4 medium sized baguettes or 2 long baguettes....more

Rustic Whole Wheat Bread

Rustic Whole Wheat Bread is a vegan bread that is more dense with whole wheat flour yet delicious with a great texture. This bread has a crunchy crust and is moist and dense inside....more

Brownie Batter Oatmeal

BROWNIE BATTER OATMEALDecember 22, 2015 Leave a Comment (Edit)...more

A Nicely Baked Loaf Of Fish

I was getting a bit tired of eating Chinese style steamed fish. It was a dish that was on my menu for quite a long time now, since I was pregnant till about seven months after the little munchkin was born. Now that I finally had freedom of choice for what goes into my mouth, I decided I should do something different to awaken my eager palette....more

My Mües

One sunny morning in a kitchen far far away, two very hungry lovers were making breakfast…They made bountiful bowls of muesli that tasted so delicious, a morning routine quickly turned into a passion they wished to share with the worldMy Mües offers a range of exciting, nutritious and moreish muesli recipesWith a base of rolled oats combined with a variety of seeds, nuts and dried fruitServed with milk, yogurt and fresh fruit ...more

Bread Recipes to Try this Christmas

Make this holiday and Christmas extra special with these 16 delicious bread recipes. Bread recipes are must for delicious brunch or dinner. Try out these super easy and amazing bread recipes. Happy Holidays!...more

Christmas Morning Sandwiches

Christmas Morning SandwichesChristmas Morning Sandwiches are a tradition in our house.  Made the night before, baked while you open presents. Merry Christmas!...more

Walnut-Maple Sticky Buns

The warm buttery smell of cinnamon, browned butter, and toasted nuts can pretty much brighten up any average day. I think sticky buns are actually really under utilized; imagine if you gave a really mean, nasty person a sticky bun. It would at the very least make them quiet for a minute while they ate it. ...more

Parker House Rolls

Parker House Rolls are soft, irresistible and delicious buttery rolls that one must have on their dinner table this thanksgiving.These rolls were created by Parker house, a famous hotel in Boston, during 1870’s. They are made with milk, egg, sugar and lots and lots of butter. ...more