Spinach & Cheese pancakes

Spinach & Cheese Pancakes   ...more

Zucchini and Bulgur Cakes

To continue the breakfast theme this week, I thought I would post something savory. As we know, everyone is particular about breakfast; when they eat it, if they eat it… so it’s time to focus on the people who like a little something salty in the morning. My sister and her friend Allison have a great routine of getting together on Sunday afternoons and making dishes for the upcoming week. Sometimes they make a big pot of soup, or a roasted chicken, but I was particularly intrigued when she told me about these zucchini and farro cakes that they make for breakfast....more

Fried Egg Topped Chili

Bacon and Egg Strata

Light and Fluffy Buckwheat Pancakes

Everyone remembers their first childhood crush. My mother insists mine was Michael from the television show “Barney,” but I remember a much more masculine first “love”—Almanzo.  Almanzo was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband, whom she described in the book series Little House on the Prairie. I ampositive Almanzo had some part in shaping the characteristics I find attractive; he was a tall, strong, hard-working man with knowledge of the land and a healthy appetite. Sigh. What a dream boat....more

Granny Shoots From he Hip

Naked, Drunk and Writing—good title for a book. Too bad, it’s already taken.I wouldn’t talk about myself so much, but I know more about me than anybody.This morning I had garlic for breakfast. Not a normal fare, but I had this wonderful sour-dough whole wheat bread from Metropol’s here in Eugene Oregon, and a couple of nights ago I roasted a few garlic bulbs—still had some let-over in the frig. So I toasted the bread, spread copious amounts of butter, ate cold garlic cloves with it, and Yum. (Hot coffee too.)...more

Pancake Wrapped Bacon Strips

Blueberry Strata

Blueberry Strata is a delicious make-ahead breakfast recipe shared with me by Janssen Park Place Bed & Breakfast innkeepers, John and Jolynn. After a night chilling in the fridge, this mixture of cubed bread, berries, and whipped eggs turns into a fluffy French-toast-like-good-enough-for-company weekend breakfast. Serve with a side of bacon and top with powdered sugar or maple syrup, or both!...more

French Toast à L’Orange

Good morning, Sunshine! Isn’t it amazing what a little sunlight can do for your soul? After a week of snowy weather and cloudy skies, seeing the sunlight beaming through our window this morning was a welcome sight and made this French Toast à L’Orange taste just a bit like Spring!...more