Egg & Cheese Soufflé

Egg & Cheese Soufflé For the recipe visit ...more

Oatmeal Makeover x6

Are you getting bored with the same old same old oatmeal for breakfast?  Need some healthy ideas for livening up that boring bowl of oatty goodness?Today’s post is for you!I love my oatmeal, but I have to admit, it can get a little redundant.  When I’m lacking in nutritional creativity my go to staple is apple cinnamon.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious and nutritious, but it’s good to mix it up a bit....more

Frosty Flakes!

YOU GUYS.  You are so going to have a newfound respect for my cooking prowess.  Really.  Truly.  Like read this post and think “this girl knows her stuff” as you nod your head ever so slightly, reflective half bent finger resting contemplatively on your chin....more

Is It A Donut? Is It A Muffin?

The perfect breakfast treats.  Sugar Donut Muffins are a cross between a sugar donut and a cake-like muffin.  If you closed your eyes and took a bite it would be very hard to know which was which.  Crispy on the outside, soft and moist inside....more

Yum! I think you just got my attention! Sounds delish!more