Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II: So? Did You See It?

So...who did it? Who braved a thursday midnight 10pm screening of the Twilight franchise's final installment? I mean someone did, because the movie had taken in $30.4 million dollars by the time midnight hit on the west coast (which is still less than Harry Potter's final bow or The Dark Knight Rises summer launch, but a very impressive showing for a school night nonetheless.)...more
I agree with Robin. It's not a spoiler, but there is a surprise that deviates from the book. I ...more

Vamp Up Your Style – Prepare for Breaking Dawn Part I

By: Becky BerowskiPhoto Courtesy of Photobucket“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”...more

Breaking Dawn

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Breaking Dawn   Couple weeks back my thoughts on the movie Breaking Dawn could be found in an article in

"Breaking Dawn" - all self inflicted. . .

Why the attraction? Even the books weren’t that interesting, I didn’t exactly find them gripping. So I wonder why they became a big hit? I also wonder why Harry Potter became a big hit.Wonder what the next big hit will be. We’ve had wizards and vampires next? Witches? Zombies? A religious order perhaps since we’re becoming so pious. Think about it, HP was fairly pious too....more

Breaking Dawn #NaBloPoMo

 I admit it.  I'm going to the midnight showing of Twilight, Breaking Dawn.  (Yes, I am a bit ashamed to say so.  Well, not really.  But kinda.)  ...more

Girls Night Out

As I write this, I'm preparing for a Girls Night Out with the Dot and our Second Family.We're going to do what has now become a tradition: we all get together for the midnight premiere of whatever spectacular movie is being released. Tonight, it's Breaking Dawn, Part 1.And I'm so stinkin' excited....more

Breaking Dawn Divides Twilight Fans

I said that I wasn't going to buy Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. I said it right here at BlogHer and when I said it I meant it, I really did...but then I bought it. I attribute my downfall to two things - I ended up going into a bookstore on Saturday (for another unrelated reason) and I realized that I'd never be able to resist and/or avoid the spoilers. Please note that this post will link to both spoilers and spoiler-free posts but they will be clearly marked - no spoilers will appear in this post. ...more

It's here! It's mother-humping here! I am at peace. Or I will be when I actually get to read ...more

The Twilight Series: Terrific or Troublesome?

It seems that every which way you turn these days you cannot escape the Twilight series phenomena. The fourth book in the Stephanie Meyer series, Breaking Dawn will be released next week. The Twilight movie covering the first book in the series will hit theaters in December and people are discussing the teaser trailers all over the internet. And what can I say other than I'm a bit smitten with the Twilight series myself. ...more

I found myself so frustrated with Bella from the middle of the first installment on. I love the ...more